Ashcroft 2
Japanese Name: アシュクロフト
English Name: Ashcroft
Meaning: "Ash paddock"
First Appearance: Chapter 137 (Manga)
Episode 39 (Anime)
Type: Human Spirit
Reiryoku Level: 770
Shaman: Kanna Bismarch

Ashcroft (アシュクロフト Ashukurofuto) is Kanna Bismarch's guardian ghost.


A knight from medieval Germany that pledged to the Bismarch family his eternal loyalty. Thanks to his training he was able to win every duel against knights or other men without exception. However, he was seen by the local people as nothing more than a nuisance. As time passed by and he became older his personality didn't change, and as he kept fighting he won the name of "Ashcroft of Old Iron". One day, when he was playing chess with the lord of the castle, an assassin group sneaked in and he had to fight them alone. Thanks to his victory that day he won the local people's admiration at last, but he had been so gravely injured that he died soon after.[1]

Kanna got to meet him because Ashcroft kept wandering around the castle for many years as a ghost. He has been protecting Kanna from evil spirits who wanted to use her ectoplasm ever since she was born.[2]

Oversoul and AttacksEdit

O.S. AshcroftEdit

O.S. Ashcroft

O.S. Ashcroft

O.S. Ashcroft (O.S. アシュクロフト)

Description: Ashcroft's medium is the smoke from Kanna's cigarettes. It is unknown if she chose it as a medium because she constantly smokes or vice versa. Ashcroft is very skilled with his weapon. His jousting strikes are very dangerous.


  • Joust Attack
  • Orb of Oblivion
  • Ramp foge
  • Medieval Strike
  • Nightmare Spear: A simple strike with Ashcroft's lance, it is deadly due to Kanna's incredible spiritual power.

Anime/Manga DifferencesEdit

The manga and the games depicts him as an man in a suit of armor and just a nude man with the smoke, while in the anime depicts him as just a suit of armor with no human body inside.


  • In Reincarnation 1's title page there is a giant suit of armor with an ectoplasmic skull for a head behind Kanna which is probably Ashcroft.


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