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Ball boy
Ball Boy
Japanese Name: ボールボーイ
Romanized Name: "Bōrubōi"
English Name: B.Boy
First Appearance: Reincarnation 1
Episode 1
Affiliations: Ryu's Gang
Japanese VA: Yuji Ueda
English VA: Oliver Wyman

Ball Boy(ボールボーイ, "Bōrubōi", B. Boy in the English version of the anime series.) was a member of Ryu's gang back when Ryu was a gang leader. He only appeared in the first season of Shaman King series.


Ball boy is fat and sorta stubby man who seems wears no shirt and has a long pointy nose. He has blue eyes. He has a red permanent tattoo on his stomach that says "B.B" on it stands for his own name.


He was kind and good.


Meeting YohEdit

Ball boy was terrified of Yoh because he defeated Ryu. He later befriended Yoh. He was a mean follower for a long time before that. He, Ryu, and the other followers got in lots of fights with numerous gangs. They lost a lot too

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Anime/Manga DifferenceEdit

In the English anime version of the anime series, he mentions having a cousin that spent the night at a haunted house and was never seen again or heard from again.[1]



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