Bob 1
Japanese Name: ボブ
Romanized Name: Bobu
English Name:
First Appearance: Chapter (Manga)
Episode (Anime)
Occupations: Singer
Epithet: Soul Bob
Japanese VA: n/a
English VA: n/a
Furyoku Level: n/a

Bob (ボブ Bobu) is a fictional character in the anime and manga series of Shaman King. He is an American singer and goes under the stage name Soul Bob


He appears to be a very popular artist who sings with a sweet voice and is liked by both Asakura Mikihisa and his son Asakura Yoh. He draws everyone in with his flashy performances and lyrics about a world as extensive as the universe.[1]


During the New Year's Eve of 1995 Bob participated in an annual singing contest together with Awaya Ringo, where he performed one of his extremely flashy performances.[1][2]

Anime/Manga DifferenceEdit


  • Although never confirmed, many fans believes that Bob is based on Bob Marley.


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