Boris Tepes Dracula
Boris Tepes Dracula
Japanese Name: ボリス・ツエペシユ・ドラキユラ
Romanized Name: Borisu Tsuepeshiyu Dorakiyura
English Name: Boris Tepper Dracula (Game) [1]
Boris Teppes Dracula III(English Anime) [2]
First Appearance: Chapter 78 (Manga)
Episode 25 (Anime)
Affiliations: Hao's followers
Team "Kaze-Gumi"
Occupations: Shaman
Epithet: n/a
Japanese VA: Yasushi Ishii
English VA: Oliver Wyman
Furyoku Level: 3,000
Guardian Ghost
Japanese Name: Blamuro the Vampire Hunter
English Name: Blaumro
Meaning: n/a
Type: Human Class

Boris Tepes Dracula (ボリス・ツエペシユ・ドラキユラ, Borisu Tsuepeshiyu Dorakiyura, Boris Teppes Dracula III in the English Anime) is a fictional character in the manga and anime series of Shaman King.



Boris five Years Ago

A tall, broad shouldered man, Boris is seen wearing the typical clothing of Romanian nobles from the Middle Ages, consisting of black pants, a black vest, and a pair of tall black boots and gloves, with a white shirt beneath. He has spiky blonde hair in a triangular shape on each side of his head and two big strands on each side of his face.

He also carries a rapier, used by Blamuro the Vampire Hunter centuries ago, that Boris would eventually obtain.

Boris also wears a huge Romanian cape that can apparently transform into a pair of bat wings with several spikes, to impale his opponents. All of his clothing seemingly has golden yellow lining on them.

Five years before the grand shaman tournament fight, he wore glasses and had much longer hair fashioned in a ponytail, in which Damayaji humorously claimed that he had copied him for.[3]


Boris seems very proud of his so called "Vampire" lineage even to the point of completely breaking down when Horohoro suggests that his teammate Damayaji looked more like Dracula than him. However, he later proclaims to his partner's corpse that he is really sorry for what happened, that it is all the boy's fault for saying such things, and that Damayaji would live on in the afterlife.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Boris uses his own blood as his medium, taking the form of a cape. With it, he can drain blood from others, quickly heals himself and create spikes to impale other people with.

  • Healing factor: Boris uses Blamuro to concentrate the platelets and white blood cells and uses it to heal himself of all wounds but this ability was not shown in the anime.
  • Vampire Bats: Using a small pair of Vampire Bat Spirits with his own blood as the medium, Boris can use the many small oversouls to call them back to heal him or to form a cape or even a stronger oversoul. This ability was shown in the anime.
  • Mist Blood Surprise: Boris changes his blood to a mist form allowing him to attack suddenly from almost any angle. This ability was not shown in the anime.
  • Blood Spikes: Boris charges his blood with the vampire bats with spiritual power and creates blood spikes, which are held by the bats. He can instantly impale all of his opponents on the spikes. It is supposed to kill instantly, but this is never seen as Ryu, Horohoro, and Ren quickly block and destroy the spikes.
  • Illusion: The Illusion ability can be useful to Boris's ability is just apart of his own image. He can also use his own at his enemies and and throw them off guard, thus making it hard so his opponents cannot even see him clearly though however he is right behind of them when they hit the fake Illusion. The fake image of himself will disappear of a wave bats. this however well make Boris will reappear slowly behind them by biting his enemies off guard [4]


See More: Blamuro the Vampire Hunter

Boris' Guardian Ghost is the "Vampire Hunter" Blamuro. Blamuro originally hunted down members of Boris' family, but was captured and tortured until he no longer knew right from wrong.[5]



Boris's ancestor, Vlad Tepes was a hero of Wallacia for repelling the Turkish Ottoman army. However, his strategy cost him more because Vlad impaled 20,000 Turkish and place them where the Turkish Ottoman army would see them. This grotesque strategy nicknamed Vlad as a vampire and his family was persecuted throughout the centuries. When Asakura Hao was a Patch, he appeared and offered Boris's family shamanic powers to become real vampires in order to get their revenge.[5]

Travel Through AmericaEdit

Boris is seen at the Patch airport and comes to Hao's side when he confronts Asakura Yoh.[6] Boris is later seen on the Patch Plane near Hao and comments that the Patch are evil.[7]

Damayaji's death 1

Damayaji, being betrayed by Boris.

Boris and his team run into Yoh and company outside the Patch village. They remark how much Yoh looks like Hao. Boris bites Lyserg's neck and cuts Ryu's hair.[8] Boris introduces himself and Blamuro the Vampire Hunter, his Guardian Ghost, and claims to be a vampire. Horohoro says that Kouji Yamada looks more like a vampire than Boris. Not handling the comment well, Boris impales his own teammate. Turbine tells Boris to take it easy and that Kouji should not have been killed so easily. Boris proceeds to use his bat wings to drain his teammate of his blood effectively turning his body into dust while he cries.

Boris attacks Yoh and company. Ryu punches Boris in the face and reverts back to his "Wooden Sword" Ryu personality.[9] Ryu Over Souls and launches a attack against Boris cutting him open. Boris comes from behind healed from the injuries but Ryu uses Tokageroh's snake hair to restrain and crush Boris' wings. Boris' blood turns into vampire bats, which swarm around Ryu.[10] Boris uses his blood bats to drain Ryu's blood and Tokageroh runs. Turbine and the rest of Hao's followers leave knowing they can not control Boris anymore. Boris explains some of his past history and Ryu gets back up saying that he will finish this. Ryu comments that he knows what Boris is and knows the felling of loneliness and rejection.

Tokageroh reveals that Boris' Over Soul is made of his own blood.[11] Boris has Blamuro force Lyserg to hold Yoh down. Boris drains the blood from everyone in the area (except Yoh and company) and creates blood spikes. The bats ready to drop the spikes and Lyserg is forced to hold Harusame to his own neck.[5] Boris releases his spikes and the gang stops them. Boris orders Blamuro to kill Yoh but the ghost is already out in the open back to his original personality.[12]

Ryu uses Ame no Mura Kumo to defeat Boris.[13] Boris lands on top of the mesa, and when Yoh climbs up to check on him, Boris is stabbed by Archangel Michael, thanks to Marco Lasso.[14]

Invading the PlantsEdit

Damayaji and Boris

Damayji and Boris

He is seen on the Soul Train within the Great Spirit, standing next to Kouji.[15]

Anime/Manga DifferenceEdit

In the 4Kids dub, he was given a light Romanian accent and the scene where he was killed by Marco was removed.



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