Brocken Meyer
Bild 6
Japanese Name: ブロッケン・マイヤー
Romanized Name: Burokken Maiya
English Name: Blocken
First Appearance: Chapter 78 (Manga)
Episode 33 (Anime)
Affiliations: Team "Kaze-Gumi"
Hao's followers
Occupations: Asakura Hao's Adoptive Father
Epithet: n/a
Japanese VA: n/a
English VA: n/a
Furyoku Level: 160.000 (Initial)
180.000 (Final)
Guardian Ghost
Japanese Name: Blocks
English Name: Blocks
Meaning: "Building"
Type: Animal spirits

Brocken Meyer (ブロッケン・マイヤー, Burokken Maiya, Blocken in the English Anime) is a fictional character in the manga and anime series of Shaman King. He is the first of Hao's followers and his adopted father raising him in his third life, and is usually seen sitting on "Big Guy" Bill Burton's shoulder.


Blocken Meyer

Brocken's casual appearance.

Having a growth disease, Brocken's body is very small and frail, not being much larger than a child. After encountering a baby Hao, his limbs were burnt off, and he had to used blocks and the rat spirits to create a Lego minifigure like Oversoul to assist his disability. He was short, had spiky light colored hair, with buck teeth, and is seen with a white tank top underneath his Oversoul.

When not fighting, he is mostly seen concealing his Hao block body with a red cloak, blue scarf, and yellow mittens with a red star on them.


Believing the house he was living in before he had met Hao to almost be like a prison because of his growth disease, Brocken feels grateful for Hao and claims that Hao had saved him.[1] He seems to be very friendly, happily introducing himself to a newly recruited Bill Burton, and claiming that under Hao, they all could live as free as they wanted.[2]

Being incredibly loyal to Hao, he does not take well to betrayal, as he was angered and quite mortified at Peyote's actions at the beach.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Brocken has a high furyoku level that, according to Peyote Diaz, is because he is living in a constant near death situation similar to Iron Maiden Jeanne.


See More: Blocks

Brocken's Guardian Ghosts are a pack of rat spirits, that inhabit the blocks that he uses as an Oversoul on his body.




Brocken with a young Hao

He was once a young man living in Hiroshima, with an unnamed growth disease, because of that he described the house he was in was almost like a prison.[3] At the age of 26 in 1985, he was found by Asakura Hao[4], and had his limbs burned off.[5] Because of this he almost died, and his Shamanic powers were able to awaken, using hao blocks and the rat spirits to function properly without his limbs by creating an Oversoul.[6] He joined up with him, and later became the adoptive father of Hao, raising him from infancy after Hao escaped the Asakura family household when he was reincarnated again.


Brocken, five years before the Shaman fight

five Years before the Shaman Fight, When Bill Burton was introduced into the group, he freaks out when he sees Brocken, thinking he is a talking lego.[7] Brocken introduces himself and shows Bill his true appearance, and explains the reason for his odd appearance. He later praises to Hao saying that if it weren't for being in a near death state he wouldn't have had awakened his powers. however Bill claims that if he hadn't met him he would have had a normal life, but Brocken believes that because of his growth disease, Hao had rescued him from that life, saying that together with Hao they were free as they wanted to be. [8] When the Boz Brothers start to pick a fight with Bill, Brocken tells them about Bill's spirits and that they shouldn't mess with him. [9]

Travel Through AmericaEdit

His first appears with Hao and his gang when Hao approaches Yohs group. Brocken and the others interrupt Hao and tell him that they will miss the Patch plane that will take them to America if he wastes any more time, to which Hao agrees and they leave.

Shaman Fights Second RoundEdit

He is a good friend of "Big Guy" Bill Burton as he is always seen on his shoulder. His teammates was eliminated before the second round. so he usually hangs out with Bill Burton and his team. He then made his first official appearance when Usui Horokeu was protecting Team Icemen that Bill Burton had seen out as food for the Spirit of Fire.

however When Bill was defeated with a single blow from Usui Lycan, Brocken was left alone to fight Horohoro on his own. Due to his opponent's oversoul switching strategy, Brocken was easily defeated when he was covered in a massive amount of ice, enough to cover his oversoul, "Die Tank". he was later Found by Mohamed, Hang Zang-Ching and Peyote Diaz, he was scolded for losing and told that furyoku is not everything.

Brocken was the only sole survivor of the disaster on the beach, when Peyote tried to kill all Hao's followers present. He was later rescued by the Asakura Family and his condition stabilized. He was kept captive in hopes of getting information out of him.

Invading the PlantsEdit


Bill, Brocken, and Zang-Ching inside the Great Spirit.

After Hao becomes the Shaman King, Brocken is seen standing with Zang-Ching and Bill in one of the cars aboard the Soul Train inside the Great Spirit, remaining quiet.[10]

Funbari no UtaEdit


Brocken, with Zang-Ching and Bill in Funbari Onsen

Several years later he, along with Zang-Ching and Bill Burton come to work for the Tao Family and travels with the current heir Tao Men to the Funbari Inn.[11]

Anime/Manga DifferenceEdit

Brokkeannv v v

Brocken in the anime.

In the anime, like most of Hao's other followers, Brocken's role is far less important, including no mention of being his first follower and Hao's adoptive father. His appearance is also slightly different. he is portrayed wearing a yellow cloak instead of a red one, and his Lego minifigure body is colored red, yellow, and blue instead of solely yellow.

He has no speaking role in the anime, only making odd series of electronic noises in response to Hang Zang-Ching, on one occasion. During the battle at Babylon gate, he clashes with Cebin Mendel. He later arrives in the final battle, much later than his other comrades, and subsequently fights with Horohoro before eventually being defeated alongside Luchist, Turbine, and Zang-Ching by Ren.


  • His block form is heavily similar to a real life popular line of construction toys, Lego minifigures. When he first met Bill Burton, he was shocked by his appearance, referring to him as a talking Lego.


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