Camel Munzer
Camel Munzer
Japanese Name: カメル・ミユンツアー
Romanized Name: Kameru Miyuntsua
English Name:
First Appearance:
Japanese VA: n/a
English VA: n/a
Furyoku Level:
Guardian Ghost
Japanese Name: Golem
English Name: Golem
Meaning: "Large"
Type: Artificial Spirit

Camel Munzer (カメル・ミユンツアー, Kameru Miyuntsua) is the creator of the Golem and the father of Redseb and Seyram. His birthday is May 29,1962 and died at age 36.


Camel Munzer used to be a tall, slim and white man, with short and straight hair with a little fringe.


Camel seems to be a level-headed, intelligent and a reasonable man. According to Mikihisa, he used to be a very determined man, who put all his efforts in order to complete his research (to make Golem), although his means to do it seemed to have been not so correct and even in-human (because Golem's inner furyoku is filled with human spirits).



He was the father of Redseb and Seyram. He was killed on Christmas day by Chocolove. Before this, he finished the creation of Golem, using human souls as a fuel to the furyoku of the Golem. Nobody knows what happened to his wife, but she eventually returned to the family and became the spirit that controls the Golem.

Shaman FightsEdit

In a way, Camel becomes his daughter's spirit ally, possessing her from time-to-time and giving her the massive amounts of furyoku it takes to power the Golem.

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