Japanese Name: 魑魅魍魎
English Name: Chimi-Moryo
Meaning: n/a
First Appearance: Reincarnation 137
Episode 21
Type: Animal Class
Reiryoku Level:
Shaman: BoZ Brothers

Chimimōryō (魑魅魍魎 Chimi-Moryo in the English Anime and Games) are little mountain spirits and they are the BoZ Brothers' guardian ghosts.


They're thousands of spirits of the past, present, and future existences who inhabit the mountains. In life, they were little animals, birds, and insects that, once dead, forgot how they originally appeared.

Oversouls and AttacksEdit

O.S. ChimimōryōEdit


O.S. Chimimōryō

O.S. Chimimōryō

  • Shaman: BoZ Brothers
  • O.S. Type: Spirit Type
  • Spirit Ally: Small Mountain Spirits
  • Medium(s): Pebbles

Description: These oversouls are created with the Furyoku of the song named "Chimi-Chimi Mōryō", by using small pebbles and found on the ground as their intermediary objects. They are then controlled by the subsequent music played and songs sung by the brothers. Just in case there's nothing on the ground to use as a medium, the brothers offend carry around pebbles with them.


  • Chimi-Chimi Mōryō (ちみ・ちみMORYO): The initial song that the BoZ brothers use to summon the Chimimōryō and oversoul them within the pebbles around them.
  • Chimimōryō Remix (ちみ・ちみMORYO RE-MIX): The BoZ fire their Chimimōryō faster and even harder, so as to create a more powerful offensive attack.
  • Wandering Blue spirits: A combination between both of the BoZ brothers, that uses the Chimimōryō Remix power but from every angle instead of one attack.
  • Saboten: A technique only used while undoing the control of Peyote. It solidified the Chimimōryō into the forms of cactus plants mounted on their hands. The Chimimōryō cactus spines are then fired at high velocity, doing incredible damage.

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