Chris Venstar
Chris Venstar 1
Japanese Name: クリス・ブンスター
Romanized Name: Kurisu Bunsutaa
English Name: Chris Bunstar [1]
First Appearance: Chapter 104 (Manga)
Episode 25 (Anime)
Affiliations: X-Laws
Team "X-III"
Occupations: Former member of the SAS in the Gulf War
Epithet: n/a
Japanese VA: Seiji Sasaki
English VA: n/a
Furyoku Level: 10.500(Initial)
Guardian Ghost
Japanese Name: Metatron
English Name: Metatoron
Meaning: "He who occupies the throne next to the God"
Type: Seirei Class

Chris Venstar (クリス・ブンスター, "Kurisu Bunsutaa") is a fictional characters in the manga and anime series of Shaman King. He is member of the X-Laws and is a part of and the team leader of Team "X-III". He once served in the military fighting of teriorist in the middle east and barely survived an onslaught of Asakura Hao on his unit, during combat.


He's the only the tallest of the X-laws. With light brown skin, and has a military cut hairstyle and very small white eyes with black sclerae. He normally wears a standard X-Laws uniform, with his small samsite worn with a strap on his right shoulder. On his left shoulder is a shoulder guard that is used to store his powerful X-Grenade safely.

He appears to wear block like-boots but these are in fact iron oversouls serving as artificial legs, in place of the legs he lost in his fight with Hao during the Gulf War.


He's a severe but kind commanding officer with a strong sense of duty. His favorite weapon is the rocket launcher.

Abilities and PowersEdit


See More: Metatron

His guardian ghost is that of the Archangel Metatron (アークエンジェル・メタトロン) a mechanical angel spirit that runs on the angel engine. It was first seen when the X-Laws revealed themselves and were then attacked by "Big Guy" Bill Burton.[2]



Originating from the United States, Venstar would grow up to become part of the American Military and would eventually become part of an elite SAS Team. With them he winded up in the Middle East, where he drove a hummer and fought of terrorists.[3] However, in 1991, this in turn also made him face of with Asakura Hao. Hao, who was still a child at the time, attempting to recruit Mohamed Tabarsi, one of the terrorists that Venstar was fighting. Hao winded up butchering his entire unit and Venstar who put up the fight for the longest.[4] The fierce battle resulted in the loss of both of his legs, but it was this incident that awoke his latent shamanic power. While he was in the field hospital he met Marco Lasso, who was chasing Hao, and so decided to join the X-Laws to take his revenge. He became a great support to Marco and the X-Laws due to his military training.[5]

Travel Through AmericaEdit

Shaman Fights Second RoundEdit

During the second round of the shaman fights he and Team "X-III" was put up against Hao and his Team "Hoshi-Gumi". His teammates Cebin and Meene were both quickly killed and while putting up quite a good fight he was taken by Hao's Spirit of Fire. Like all X-Laws his duty is to protect Jeanne and so he asked the announcer if the shield guarding the arena was strong enough, to which Radim said yes. Venstar then used the X-Grenade in a last and final ditch effort to kill Hao by extinguishing all oxygen in the arena so that the Spirit of Fire would loose it's medium and leave Hao unprotected.

But it was all in vain as Hao survived unharmed, by turning the Spirit of Fire into water. After the fight was over, Hao had the Spirit of Fire devour the souls of Team "X-III".[6]

Invading the PlantsEdit

When Hao created a Black Hole within the Great Spirit, the X-Laws appeared in their "Supercars" to protect the Soul Train.[7]

Anime/Manga DifferenceEdit

Gate of BabylonEdit


  • His favorite food was cheesecake.
  • His favorite pastime is playing with guns.


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External LinksEdit

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  • Memphis - A Wikipedia Article about Chris Venstar's Hometown
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