Dainichi Nyorai
Japanese Name: 大日如来
English Name: Dainichi
Meaning: "Great Sun"
First Appearance: Chapter 231 (Manga)
Type: Kami Class
Reiryoku Level: 700,000
Shaman: Sati Saigan

Dainichi Nyorai (大日如来, Dainichi Nyorai) is the guardian ghost of Sati Saigan.


One of the largest of the Gandhara's Buddhistic Gods, Dainichi's main form of combat involves his mighty palms. Sati also used Dainichi to perform the chant that sent Asakura Yoh's soul to train in hell.[2] He affectionately refers to Sati as "Sacchan".

Dainichi first met Sati when she was talking to a wooden statue of him and was approached by the Land Owners of the temple she was in. When she couldn't pay them, they suggested that they could take her instead, but was stopped when Dainichi suddenly spoke. Using the statue as a medium, he threatened to beat them up with his many arms and broke the statue to reveal himself and scare them away.[3]

Oversouls and AttacksEdit

Dainichi Nyorai

O.S. Dainichi Nyorai



  • Shaman: Sati Saigan
  • O.S. Type: Spirit Type
  • Spirit Ally: Dainichi Nyorai
  • Medium used: Buddhistic Staff


Anime/Manga DifferenceEdit


  • Dainichi Nyorai, in spirit form, appears quite similar to the character Senju from Hiroyuki Takei's manga Butsu Zone, who is an emissary of that work's Dainichi Nyorai.


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