Japanese Name: デヒト
English Name: Deht the Viking
Meaning: n/a
First Appearance: Chapter 127 (Manga)
Episode 44 (Anime)
Type: Serei Class
Reiryoku Level: 550
Shaman: Tona Papik Cadimahide

Deht (デヒト Dehito) is the spirit of a Viking and the guardian ghost of Tona Papik Cadimahide.


Due to Deht's large and strong form, he, in combination with Tona, acts as the muscle of the "Icemen" team.



Shaman Fights Second RoundEdit

Oversouls and AttacksEdit

O.S. DehtEdit

Oversoul Deht

O.S. Deht Tona

O.S. Deht

Description: By integrating Deht into the ancient helmet and placing it upon his head, this oversoul manifests itself as a segmented armor surrounding parts of Cadimahide's body. The individual sections are connected together using the chains. This oversoul features a large battle axe held in its right arm section and a Viking shield on its left arm section.


  • Viking Ship Mode (ヴァイキングシップ モード Vuaikingushippu Mōdo): Deht is able to assume the form of a viking ship large enough for all three members of the Team "Icemen" to ride upon. The ship features numerous short oars along each of its sides and Cadimahide himself uses another pair to help propel the ship along.
    • Ice launcher: Cadimahide oversouls Deht's Viking Ship Mode, Zria creates water, and Pino freezes the water generated into icicles, firing at the opponent while riding on the boat in the air.
  • Aurora Borealis: Pino gets on top of Cadimahide and Zria raises her drum. Zria creates a huge mass of water, Pino freezes the water into a big iceberg, and Cadimahide smashes the iceberg into chunks that rain down on an opponent. (This attack is named after the Northern lights)

O.S. DehtEdit

O.S. Deht

Description: This is an Oversoul created by Horohoro on the spot, after manipulating Deht's spirit into Cadimahide's viking helmet, during his fight with Brocken Meyer. By integrating Deht into the helment, this over soul manifests itself as an extremely large battle axe, even bigger than Horohoro himself, with a barrel shaped handle that completely envelopes Horohoro's right arm. The oversoul also features five chains, on the handles base, running down into the ground.

It is implied by Horohoro that it has tremendous cutting power but as he as no remaining furyoku at the time, it's fully capabilities are still unknown.

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