Enma Daioh
Emna Daioh
Japanese Name: 閻魔大王
English Name: King Yama[1]
Meaning: "Great King Enma"
First Appearance: Chapter 283 (manga)
Type: Demon
Reiryoku Level: n/a
Shaman: n/a

Enma Daioh (閻魔大王, "Enma-daiō") is a character in manga series of Shaman King. He is the greatest of the Four Kings of Hell, and the guardian of the Spirit of Earth.


A gigantic being, Emna wears traditional Japanese robes, have a big beard and wears a crown with the kanji "王", which means "king", on it.


Abilities and PowersEdit


Reincarnation of HaoEdit

When Asakura Hao reincarnated the first time, he was forced to face Enma Daioh.

Invading HellEdit

When Saigan Sati and Team "Myooh" invaded Hell to steal the four remaining Great Elemenental Spirits, Sati faced off with Enma Daioh in order to get to the Spirit of Earth.[2]

Anime/Manga DifferenceEdit

While he is mentioned, Enma does not appear in person in the anime.



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  2. Shaman King Manga - Chapter 285

External LinksEdit

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