20 Ton Skeleton
Faust Love
The Rain of Bones



Fausuto Ravu

Japan Air Date

October 17, 2001

English Air Date

October 16, 2004



Opening Song

Over Soul

Ending Song


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Faust Love(ボーン·キラーズ) is the 16th episode of Shaman King the anime series.


followed by the following continuing episode has left off. As Yoh is about to attack Faust VIII, again but he gets easily surrounded by skeletons again. As Faust VIII is continuing his dissecting on Manta, as Yoh is desperately fighting all the skeletons that are in his path. As Faust VIII comments that the real fight is about to begin, Yoh is getting slowly exhausted from fighting the skeletons. As Yoh attacks Faust VIII, while Eliza Faust dodges the attacks. Then Silva of the 10 Patch Officiants, who came to watch the fight even states that Yoh's Furyoku is starting fading away because he has not much any strength left. As Faust VIII continuing Dissecting Manta's body, Yoh gets beaten by Eliza. Faust VIII then states that he will become Shaman King and revive his late wife, Eliza. 

Then, a flashback is shown in where how Faust VIII and Eliza met each other and Faust VIII wants to save Eliza from an incurable disease. Faust VIII tells that after twenty years, they overcame her illness, but Eliza was shot in the forehead by a burglar later. As Faust VIII did all he could to save her life, it wasn't enough to save her. Since then he became a necromancer, so he could be with Eliza. After Faust VIII found out about the Shaman Fight, his dream became to win it so he could bring Eliza back. Meanwhile, after dodging Eliza's attack, Yoh states that he is still determined to save Manta. As Silva of the 10 Patch Officiants wonders what's going on, Anna shows up and tells him that Manta was Yoh's first best friend, so he has a close friendship with Manta. Faust VIII then changes his Over Soul style and puts Eliza's soul back into her body. As Eliza deals another hit to Yoh, Silva of the 10 Patch Officiants states that Faust VIII has so much Furyoku left that this match is almost decided already. As Eliza attack Yoh multiple times, Yoh gets even more desperate about saving Manta. As Yoh finds now strength in his determination, he states that he won't lose to "a doll like this". this gets Faust VIII angry at Yoh for calling his dear love Eliza. "a doll" After Eliza attacks Yoh multiple times while Faust VIII states that what Yoh said is very "unforgivable", Yoh loses his oversoul. Even though Yoh has lost the fight already, Faust VIII goes berserk and uses his "20-Ton Calcium Giant" Over Soul to destroy Yoh. As Silva of the 10 Patch Officiants tries to stop the fight, Faust VIII attacks Yoh with all his might. As Silva of the 10 Patch Officiants realizes that he isn't going to make it in time, just then Tao Ren shows up and destroys Faust VIII's Over Soul with a simple mere kick attack. As Faust VIII is finally defeated and carried away in the arms of his late wife, meanwhile Tao Ren states to Yoh that he won't let Faust VIII hurt Yoh because Yoh is his next opponent.

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