Five Elemental Warriors
Five Elemetnal Warriors
Japanese Name: ファイブーエレメンタルーワリーオルスー
Romanized Name: Faibu Erementaru Wari Orusu
English Name: Five Elemental Warriors
Leader: Asakura Yoh
First Appearance: Chapter 257 (Manga)
Total Furyoku: 695.501

The Five Elemental Warriors (ファイブーエレメンタルーワリーオルスー, Faibu Erementaru Wari Orusu) are the ones who each receive one of the five Grand Elemental Spirits.


The Five Elemental Warriors are five Shamans each chosen by the Gandhara leader Saigan Sati, to be trained in Hell and each recieve one of the five Grand Elemental Spirits.


500 years ago, Hao was reincarnated as one of the tribe members of the Patch tribe and managed to steal the Spirit of Fire from them. He reincarnated in the present together with the spirit, to become the teenage twin of Asakura Yoh. The other four Spirits are currently kept hidden by the Patch Tribe, in the deepest parts of the Great Spirit and guarded by the four kings of Hell, to prevent others from stealing them away.

Sati of the Gandara had plans to obtain the four Spirits and pass them on to Tao Ren, Asakura Yoh, Chocolove McDonnel and Usui Horokeu. It was theorized that once Hao had combined with the Great Spirit, the Spirit of Fire would be detached from him and from that point onwards could be claimed by Lyserg Diethel. She believes that with the help of the Five Great Spirits, the five shamans could defeat Hao even if he has become one with the Great Spirit and obtained the power of the Shaman King.

While Yoh and the others are going through the plants Gandhara is in Hell looking for the remaining spirits. Gandhara manages to collect the Spirit of Wind, Spirit of Thunder and Spirit of Rain while Sati is fighting Enma to get the Spirit of Earth. Hao sent the Spirit of Fire to Yoh and the others while they were in the Plant plateau.


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Asakura Yoh
麻倉 葉
Asakura Yō
[[Image:|200px|]] Asakura Yoh is the destined owner of the Spirit of Earth. He attunes his Furyoku to the element of earth and the creation of Metal.

He use the Spirit of Earth to manipulate the power of magnitism and alter gravity.

Tao Ren
Dào Lián
Tao Ren is the destined owner of the Spirit of Thunder. He can materialize his Furyoku as lightning.

After training in hell he has the lowest amount of Furyoku amongst the five.

Usui Horokeu
Usui Horokeu
[[Image:|200px|]] Usui Horokeu is the destined owner of the Spirit of Water. He can condense water vapor into ice. He is the last of the Five Elemental Warriors to be recognized by the Gandhara.
Lyserg Diethel
Rizerugu Daizeru
Lyserg Diethel is the destined owner of the Spirit of Fire. He attunes his Furyoku fire. Lyserg is said to be the smartest one of the five. [[Image:|200px|]]
Chocolove McDonell
[[Image:|200px|]] Chocolove McDonell is the destined owner of the Spirit of Wind. He is the fastest of the five and attunes his Furyoku to the power of wind, allowing him to erode everything.

After training in hell for a second time, he gained the largest amount of Furyoku amongst the five.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Five Grand Elemental SpiritsEdit

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The Spirits of Earth, Thunder, Rain, Fire and Wind - the five greatest spirits to exist and owned by the Patch tribe. They were once part of The Great Spirit itself and just like The Great Spirit they formed from a collection of spirits rather than a single individual. Due to this each retains the ability to grow stronger and evolve by consuming more spirits, adding onto their already significant power.


  • When Marco Lasso was about to commit suicide in his final fight with Luchist Lasso, he gave his glasses to Lyserg and envisioned him as the leader of the Five Elemental Warriors; renamed the Angel Boys Squad and all of them dressed in X-Laws uniforms.[1]


  1. Shaman King Manga - Chapter 266; Page 8

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