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Japanese Name: G8 (ジーエイト)
Romanized Name: Jī Eito
English Name: n/a
Leader: n/a
First Appearance: Flowers Chapter 15(Manga)
Total Furyoku: n/a

The G8 (ジーエイト, Jī Eito) or God 8 (ゴッド8, Goddo 8) is the name given to the 8 people who have held the title of Shaman King.


If 3 or more members raise a complaint against the current Shaman King, an event called the G8 Summit is held in the highest society of the G.S. The fate of the planet is decided here.


Anime/Manga DifferenceEdit

Since Flowers is manga only, none of the G8 appear in the anime.


  • The two previous Shaman Kings that stand on Hao's left side in the image that represents the God 8, strongly resemble Jesus Christ and Gautama Buddha, which ties together in Manta's belief that powerful figures in the past that have impacted the world could have been Shaman Kings, including the aforementioned Christ and Buddha.


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