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Team Gandhara
Japanese Name: ガンダーラ
Romanized Name:
English Name: Team Gandhara
Leader: Saigan Sati
First Appearance: Chapter 162 (Manga)
Total Furyoku: 3,790,000

In Shaman King, Gandhara (ガンダーラ) is a Buddhist pacifist organization that is participating in the Shaman Fight. Led by Lady Sati, they are the third great faction in the current Tournament, and aim to prevent Asakura Hao from becoming the Shaman King.


Gandhara is arguably the oldest organization in Shaman King (excepting the Patch themselves), with a history dating well before the birth of Christ. They rose to prominence 2500 years before the current tournament, when their chosen candidate won the Shaman Tournament of that era. This explains why they have no interest in having one of their group become king again.

In the current Shaman Tournament, Gandhara has participated to save all of humanity and prevent Hao from becoming the Shaman King, who plans to rid the world of all non-shamans. To this end, they have fielded three teams, all of which have made the top 8. Their current goal is to train Five Elemental Warriors, who will wield the Five Grand Elemental Spirits to defeat Hao while he is integrating with the Great Spirit, and is thus at his most vulnerable.


As a Buddhist organization, Gandhara are pacifist by nature. They are completely neutral in outlook, and is described as the 'middle way' between the two extremes of the X-Laws and Asakura Hao. However, they also will not hesitate to use force when needed, which they use only as a last resort, and even then just enough to meet their objectives.


Team "Nyorai"Edit

Saigan Sati

See More: Saigan Sati

The leader of Gandhara and team leader of the Tathagata, Saigan Sati (サティ・サイガン, Sati Saigan) is a princess, somewhere in her mid-thirties (born on December 31st 1963), of Japanese origin. She wears an orange dress with a crown, and holding a staff (she is represented like this in the cover of Book 26 of the Manga; in typical attire of a high monk or priestess of the Nyorai order) which most likely serves as a medium for her spirit partner. Her blood type is A, and her favorite pastime is traveling.

She has the power to resurrect the dead. Her furyoku level is very high, almost reaching that of Hao's, most likely explaining why she has such powers and as so is one of the three most powerful in the entire shaman king tournament. She briefly appears in the Manga (e.g. Books 13, 19) and then in Book 22, where Lady Sati (mounted on an elephant) and most of the other shamans from the group were represented when they save Ryu from certain death, by interfering against Team Tsukigumi. Again the Thatagata is seen in Book 24, when they defeated, apparently with ease, Haiti-800 during the Shaman Fight. Later on in the Manga, Lady Sati travels to hell and fights Enma Daioh, one of the four Kings of Hell and the Guardian of the Spirit of Earth.


See More: Daiei

Daiei (大栄, Daiei) is a senior priest, of Chinese origin, who might be the oldest member of Gandhara. He was born on October 6th 1923. He fancies toofu ryoori and his favorite pastime is to mimic Buddhist sutras. Due to his wisdom, it appears that he is Sati's adviser. He is short, bold, and accompanies Lady Sati wherever she goes. His spirit is similar to Komeri's, but is not seen in the Manga.


See More: Komeri

Komeri (コメリ, Komeri) is a young girl of Indian origin. She was born on February 1, 1994, making her the youngest shaman affiliated to the Gandhara. Her blood type is B, and her favorite pastime is to make chains (with beads), as she is seen to always wear one. She is the final member of the Tathagata, also following Lady Sati wherever she goes, and her spirit is similar to Daiei's but is not seen in the Manga.

Team "Myooh"Edit

Team Myooh

Team "Myooh", from top to bottom - Jackson, Yainage, Cado


See More: Jackson

Jackson (寂尊, Jakuson), is a monk of Chinese origin, was born on August 20th 1970. His blood type is B, he fancies Amaguri, and also seems to be good at Tai Chi. He is tougher than Yainage, making him one of the strongest members of 'Team Myooh'. He would do almost anything for Lady Sati, and really got angry at Yainage, when he lost against Tao Ren.

Despite of being a strong member of "Myooh", he was defeated by Horohoro in the battle against Team "The Ren". He later travels to hell and defeats the King of Hell responsible for guarding the Spirit of Thunder.


See More: Yainage

Yainage (ヤイナゲ, Yainage) is a Buddhist monk of Indian origin who was born on October 29th 1963 (making him slightly older than Lady Sati). His favorite pastime is bird watching.

He is the weakest member of Team "Myooh", even though shamans affiliated to Gandhara have special powers (later Pascal Avaf explains that to team "The Ren") enabling them to block all sorts of shamanic attacks (or negate them). He is defeated by Tao Ren in the battle against Team "The Ren" when his Furoku level bypassed his. He later travels to hell and defeats the King of Hell responsible for guarding the Spirit of Rain.


See More: Cado

Cado (カドゥ, Kadu) is a Buddhist monk of Indian origin. He is one of the oldest members of the Gandhara, as he was born on December 12 1953. He fancies chicken curry, and his favorite pastime is to create new fighting techniques, while dancing. Due to his temperament, he appears to be the calmest of the three members of 'Team Myooh'.

He is defeated by Horohoro in the battle against Team "The Ren". He later travels to hell and defeats Mephistopheles, one of the four Kings of Hell and the Guardian of the Spirit of Wind.

Team "Ten"Edit


See More: Mamy

A young girl with freckles, she was born on April 9, 1983. Not much more is known at this point.


See More: Samy

A young girl with glasses, she was born on February 23, 1980. Not much more is known at this point.


See More: Ozam

A man of Japanese origin, born on November 3, 1975. Not much more is known at this point.



See More: Sei-Kyow

A bald monk, born on February 8, 1971. Not much more is known at this point.

Aeon Lee

See More: Aeon Lee

Aeon Lee is a business man, and is the only shaman affiliated to the Gandhara to wear a suit and tie. He is seen riding an elephant. He was born on October 30, 1960. Not much more is known at this point.

BoZ Brothers

See More: BoZ Brothers
After being defeated by Team The Ren, they realize Hao doesnt truly care for them, so they abandon Hao and join up with the Gandhara.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Gandhara Spirits

The Spirits of the Gandhara Group.

All the members of the Gandhara are Kami-class Shamans, and are as such incredibly powerful. All their guardian spirits are those of Bodhisattvas (Bosatsu), in a strict adherence to their faith.

As pacifists, they all possess furyoku-nullification abilities, which enable them to defeat most opponents without using violence. Ryu once said that Lady Sati was as strong or stronger than Hao, however it is unknown who really is stronger because the Gandhara never fought Hao head on.

Anime/Manga DifferenceEdit

In the manga, the team is composed of 11 or 12 shamans, including Lady Sati, Daiei, Komeri, Cado, Jackson, Yainage, Mamy, Sei-Kyow,Ozam, and Aeon Lee. However, in the anime, only a girl looking strangely like Lady Sati referred to as "Lady Nyorai" appears.

In the manga, all of their spirits are Buddhas based on the four "Satori" of their religion (actually a Hellenic form of Buddhism) only the shamans the Team Myo-o had their spirits properly identified (e.g. Fudou, Aizen and Gundari). In the anime, Fudou is the name of the Shaman composing the team of the spirit robbers (and not like in the manga who is Jackson's Ghost). Note that in the anime, the Gandhara Shamans are also representing existing deities from the Buddhist religion.

In the manga, all, or most members from Team Gandhara die in the docks by the hands of Team Tsukigumi because they refuse to fight, but are thankfully brought back to life. Lady Sati and Team Myo-o go to hell to fight against the gods protecting the remaining Spirits with hope to seize them. However, in the anime, no mention of what happens to the girl in Episode 50, but apparently Team Tsukigumi kill single-handedly Gekkou and Nikkou in front of a powerless Fudou. Moments later, Hao kills Fudou in turn by feeding his soul to the Spirit of Fire.


  • All of their spirits are based upon Buddhist gods and beings.
  • Their names are derived from Japanese supermarket chains.
    • Lady Sati - SATY supermarket
    • Komeri - Komeri Co., Ltd.
    • Daiei - The Daiei,Inc.
    • Jackson - JUSCO
    • Yainage - Inageya supermarket
    • Kadou - Ito-Yokado
    • Seikyou - Japanese term for Consumer co-op
    • Ion Li - AEON MALL Co., Ltd.
    • Mamy - Mammy Mart Corporation
    • Samy - Summit, INC.
    • Ozam - OZAM Co., Ltd.


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