Green Garam
Green Garam
Japanese Name: グリーン・ガラム
Romanized Name: Green Garam
English Name: Green Garaham
First Appearance: Chapter 84 (Manga)
Episode 27 (Anime)
Affiliations: Hao's followers(Anime only)
Occupations: Magician
Japanese VA:
English VA: Marc Thompson
Furyoku Level: 851
Guardian Ghost
Japanese Name: THAT
English Name: Devil Clown
Type: Human Ghost

Green Garam (グリーン・ガラム) was a shaman in the Shaman Fight but lost his life to Asakura Hao. He was with Savage Pan and Mr. Little Lake.


He is a short man with gray hair and wears a green scarf, sunglasses and a black coat. He also carries a staff with him.




See More: THAT



He was a poor magician who was born into a family of American spirit mediums. He got money by using his oversouls within his street magic shows. He could have succeeded in the city of Las Vegas with his oversoul, but was camera shy to act on stage with such a large amount of people watching him. His guardian ghost was the murderous ghost named THAT. He offend collected playing cards as a personal hobby of his, until he got the famous "Devilish Homicide Card" and ended up being possessed by the spirit inhabiting it.

THAT was a very intelligent, ingenious and evil ghost. Green didn't know it, but THAT was controlling him all the time. THAT explained the reasons to enter the shaman fight, and Green entered. He eventually joined with Savage Pan and Mr. Little Lake.

Travel Through AmericaEdit

Shaman King v10 c085 094

Green Garam, Savage Pan and Mr. Little Lake after seeing Hao on Yontafe

He was first seen with the rest of his group, hassling Lilirara for information. She says that the memory thing would not work on someone with such a weak mind. This makes Savage. very furious and he attacks but they are all is easily knocked out by horohoro's ninpopo punch. Green and the others wake up the next day and seeing Lilirara impaled by the fingers of the Spirit of Fire and she is burned to her soul by Asakura Hao. He along with his two allies are also burned to their souls simply because their Furyoku level was not high enough for Hao

Anime/Manga DifferenceEdit

He was attacked by Lyserg because he was looking for teammates. He claims that he is too weak. later on Green Garam teams up with Savage Pan and Mr. Little Lake to get revenge on lyserg. Their plan was backfires because Yoh and his friends helped Lyserg. Green Garam is defeated by Ryu. later on The three are killed by Hao for their failures.



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