Team "Icemen"
Japanese Name: アイスメン
Romanized Name: Aisumen
English Name: Team "Iceland"
Leader: Pino Graham
First Appearance: Chapter 127 (Manga)
Episode 43 (Anime)
Total Furyoku: 6,900

The Icemen (アイスメン, "Aisumen") is a team of shaman who entered the Shaman Tournament. Thus far, no members of the team revealed to have any goal associated with gaining the Great Spirit.


A trio of shamans from the northern parts of Europe. Training and hardening their pride and duty through the cold, these shaman are notable for their teamwork, using each others abilities to complement one another and defeat their opponents. Their pride is initially wounded by Yoh, whose relaxed demeanor and sense of confidence in their match is taken as arrogance.

The team's leader Pino Graham, offended by Yoh's apparent disregard for the Icemen's pride, forces the team to try and prove their own worth in the Shaman Fight. However, the revealed combined power of Yoh, Faust and Ryu make the team realize that they are sorely outmatched and the team is defeated, though Yoh manages to leave their pride intact by not holding back against them despite the evident differences in their power.

Their ice abilities allow them to easily become friends with Horohoro, who is later forced to help them to escape the island when they are attacked by Hao's followers after their official defeat.


VS Team "Funbari Onsen"Edit

The Icemen were paired against team Funbari Onsen in the second rounds of the Shaman fight. They had a bit of fun with Team The Ren before their fight. They were the first to step on the battle arena and waited for their opponents. Yoh showed off a bit of his power by using the spirit of sword. The Iceman were scared of this show but decided to fight. The match started with The Icemen going after Faust. Faust was thrown into the air but stood up. The Icemen realized that the legs Faust was standing on were really a over soul. Faust take one attack from the Icemen and powers his new Mephisto E. over soul. The Icemen have no choice but to back off scared of this power. Pino goes in and attacks Yoh but hits Ryu instead. Ryu melts the ice Pino just fired at him.

The Icemen launch another attack but is blocked by Ryu. Ryu busts out of the ice Pino threw and throws him over his shoulder. Ryu powers up his over soul to Yamata no Orochi forcing the Icemen to back off again scared. Yoh wants to fight now and the Icemen fire a combo at Yoh but he is unharmed because of some new techniques he learned from Asakura Hao's book.

Yoh powers up the Spirit of Sword again and asks the Iceman to attack once more and at full power. They know this is their last chance to win so they oblige with their strongest technique. Yoh dodges the attack and hits The Icemen ending the match. The Icemen lose to Yoh and his friends and they stay to watch the rest of the second round matches.


Pino GrahamEdit

See More: Pino Graham

The leader of the Icemen. He hails from Ireland and has the power to control temperature.

Zria GagarikEdit

See More: Zria Gagarik

The silent one of the Icemen. She hails from Russia and has the power to create and control water.

Tona Papik CadimahideEdit

See More: Tona Papik Cadimahide

The "Muscle Man" of the Icemen. He hails from Iceland and has incredible strength.

Anime/Manga DifferenceEdit

The Icemen were shown in one episode and the fight between Funabari Onsen and them was short and the battle ended the same way. They returned again in another episode when Hao was close to getting the Great Spirit they fought Hao's followers and held them off  long enough for Yoh and the others to get to the Great Spirit.



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