Imari & Shigaraki
Shigaraki & Imari
Japanese Name: イマリ and シガラキ
English Name: Imari and Shigaraki
Meaning: n/a
First Appearance: Chapter 143 (Manga)
Episode 52 (Anime)
Type: Seirei Class
Reiryoku Level: 10,000 each
Shaman: Asakura Mikihisa

Imari (イマリ) and Shigaraki (シガラキ), are a pair of "Yamagami" (山神, Mountain Spirits) in which they use stones as their mediums. The two serve as Asakura Mikihisa's guardian ghosts.


Imari & Shigaraki are both a pair of Kami-Yamas (Mountain Gods). They are a pair of high-level Seirei Class animal spirits of the mountains, and the guardian ghosts of Asakura Mikihisa, which he gained from his travels, training and hiking in the mountains.


Imari is a fox spirit that became a mountain goddess in the Chugoku region when she became older than 1,000. She was originally an evil nature spirit, but the Asakura family defeated her and turned her into a helpful guardian spirit. She's very intelligent and can change her shape at will, but she's also a very skillful and powerful fighter. She's very feminine and noble, and her specialty is becoming a human woman. Although Imari is referred to as a female, it is only because she looks like a female spirit but nobody is really sure. She acquired her name over 300 years ago by an Asakura who liked the tea ceremony. It appears like her white and smooth fur reminded him of his Imari porcelain teacups.


Just like Imari, this raccoon dog is a nature spirit that became a mountain god when he became older than 1,000. His specialty is changing his shape as well, but Imari is the better of the two. He used to live in an abandoned Buddhist temple until an Asakura shugenji found him and convinced him to leave that place. From then on he became the shugenji's guardian spirit. The same man who named Imari, named him after the Shigaraki ware because his fur had the same deep red color.

Oversouls and AttacksEdit



Shigaraki & Imari Over Soul

Description: By integrating both Imari & Shigaraki into individual small stones, this oversoul manifests extremely large versions of Imari & Shigaraki, that stand much taller than Mikihisa himself. In this form they can both make use of their sharp claws and large teeth to attack an opponent, however, Mikihisa rarely makes use of this in battles. Instead he seems to prefer to use Imari's & Shigaraki's shape shifting abilities to produce two exact reproductions of himself. When this is combined with the Fumon Tonkou it makes Mikihisa almost untouchable when fighting. However, the ability has a small weakness in the fact that the oversouls cannot produce a shadow, meaning an opponent could make use of this to deduce who is the real Mikihisa. Due to the spirits large forms, Mikihisa can also make use of them as a form of transport if the situation ever arises.

Anime/Manga DifferenceEdit


  • It would seem that Imari & Shigaraki are what Ponchi and Conchi would be like if they would give up their large ego. Although neither Imari or Shigaraki would ever admit it, they hate such a comparison, in every sense of the word. They believe that because they are high class spirits they can't be compared to the likes of Ponchi and Conchi.[1]


  1. Shaman King Manga - Kang Zeng Bang Volume 14 Extras

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