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Japanese Name: クライスラ
Romanized Name: Kuraisura
English Name: Chrysler
First Appearance: Episode 30(Anime)
Affiliations: n/a
Occupations: Oracle bell thief
Japanese VA: Shinichiro Miki
English VA: Wayne Grayson
Furyoku Level:
Guardian Ghost
Japanese Name: Vanessa
English Name: Vanessa
Meaning: "Butterfly"
Type: Seirei Class

Krysler(クライスラ,Kuraisura) is a fictional character in the anime series of Shaman King.


Krysler is from the "Down Under", possibly in reference to Australia. He has long brown hair and looks like "the pop star Fabulo". He is always chewing his spirit medium, which is gum. He wears a cowboy hat, brown pants, and a vest that has the sleeves torn off.


Due to not passing the entrance test for the Shaman Tournament, Krysler has been keen on stealing an Oracle Bell. After taking one from Millie. Asakura Yoh and his friends help track Krysler down. In a panic Krysler tries to stop the bus, but he drives it off a cliff instead.


Travel through AmericaEdit


See More: Vanessa

Vanessa is a spider spirit. He uses his gum as a medium for her spider strings to use Gummy Spirit Form to save his own butt, like when falling off a cliff, for an example.

Anime/Manga DifferenceEdit

Krysler is a Anime only character and never appears in the Manga


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