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Lee Pyron
Japanese Name: 李白竜
English Name: Lee Pai Long
Meaning: White Dragon
First Appearance: Chapter 11(Manga)
Episode 6(Anime)
Type: Jiang Shi
Reiryoku Level: 1660
Shaman: Tao Jun

Lee Pyron(李白竜, "Ri Pyron") is a fictional character in the anime and manga series Shaman King.

In the Japanese anime, Lee Pyron is voiced by Nobutoshi Canna but he is voiced by Dan Green in the English Dubbed Series.



Pyron when he was alive

Pyron is a tall muscular man with short, wavy unkempt black hair. When he was still alive he wore a white shirt and black pants with a red scarf to hold them up. After being killed and turned into a Jiang shi he was given black, with green lining, clothing styled after the Tao Family and constantly wore a pair of pale yellow nunchaku's on his back. After being killed his skin also became a little pale and turned slightly blue with stitches around his arms


Pyron is a man obsessed with his Dǎodàn-do and is always trying to perfect it. When he learned that he was dead for seventeen years he became enraged for awhile but later calmed down. He is only loyal to Tao Jun and managed to resist the words and empty promises of Tao Yúan during Ren's attack. His dedication to protect Jun also results in him knocking down all the men who try to woo her.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Lee Pyron's Master, Shamon, founded a variation of the Shaolin Kung Fu style of fighting called the Ruichong Quan kung Fu style(Eijuken in the English anime). Shamon's Ruichong quan Kung Fu style was the basis of Pyron's fighting style, the "Dǎodàn-do"(Missile style), which was a combination of Boxing, Muay Thai, and even Karate. Before he died, he intended to create a perfect version of it and would not to pass it on until he finally perfected it.¨


Inside Pyron's arm

He was later turned into the prototype of a new Tao Style Jiang Shi, the power of science and the oversoul working together, and several mechanisms and accessories were added to his body. The pile bunker systems inside his arms allows him to crush even iron.[2]


  • Huo Jian Jiao(Rocket Kick): A thrust kick aiming up in the air to send an opponent flying.
  • Zhou Shidao Dan Jiao(Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Kick): A downwards kick from up in the air to send a opponent crashing to the ground.
  • Fu Chong Hong Zha Ji(Dive Bomber): Pyron flips many times in the air gaining speed for an another attack.
  • Hong Zha Jiao(Bomb Kick): A flying kick to an opponent's face or body.
  • Yu-Zhou- Zhan Luo-Xia: A downwards stomp in the air to crush an opponent (modeled after the dragon drop Bruce Lee used).
  • Dandadou Fojuanyaku: A stronger version of Huo Jian Jiao that hits with greater force.
  • Fuuchon Honjyaji: A different Fu Chong Hong Zha Ji that has Pyron staying still in the air while rotating his arms.
  • Hon Jyak Yaku(Exploding Leg):A Straight flying kick that blasts an opponent.
  • Rocket Fist: When Jun installed a new arm for Pyron she also installed a piston to increase the strength of his punch, allowing him to punch through steel.
  • Zouji Dao Dan Jyak Yaku: A combo between Tamao and Jun. Pyron kicks an opponent while Tamao fires Conchi as an arrow into a enemy.



Lee Pyron was born on November 29, 1948 and died at the age of 30. He trained under a master named Shamon who had mastered his own style of martial arts, and became a master of martial arts himself. He soon became famous as an actor and gained a lot of wealth before being later killed by Tao Ching. His body would soon disappear after his funeral before being made into a Jiang shi by Tao Ching and given to the Daoshi Tao Jun.

Coming to TokyoEdit

Pyron made his first appearance when Jun calls upon him to battle Yoh. He easily defeats Yoh and Amidamaru and it is only when Yoh manages to reach his feelings that was locked away that he begins to lose. Jun, angered by this, orders him to fight more and Pyron attacks with his weapon but it wraps around Yoh's arm.

Yoh strikes back but is stopped by Pyron, who is ordered to kill him by Jun, as the latter was getting bored with the fight. Manta runs away, but returns with Umemiya Ryunosuke Bokutō allowing Yoh and Amidamaru to cut the talisman off of Pyron. He returns to normal and begins to wonder where he is, then spots a movie poster and sees "Twentieth anniversary" and suddenly remembers what the Tao family did to him. Enraged, he loses control and goes on a rampage then later begins to attack Jun. Yoh defends Jun, while Pyron continues to attack both furiously, while asking him to stop, but his pleas fall on deaf ears. Anna then summons Pyron's master and places him into Yoh.

Pyron is so into his rampage that he attacks his master, but he dodges all of the attacks and proceeds to pound Pyron into the ground. Shamon then tells Pyron to kill his ego but Pyron keeps attacking, forcing Shamon to decide that the battle has gone on long enough before defeating Pyron with a powerful blow.

Once Pyron's spirit is freed from his body and apologizes for his late actions, Shamon asks if he wishes to go to heaven with him, but Pyron does not want to go to heaven as he had yet to perfect his Dǎodàn-do. Shamon then asks if he wants to borrow a body like he just did but Pyron wants his own body to do the job of his own. He asks Jun for him to be her Jiang shi once again to which Jun accepts and they both leave happy that they found a place to belong.[3]

Shaman Fights in TokyoEdit

When Jun defects to Yoh's side, Pyron attacks Tao Yúan but is quickly destroyed and cut into many pieces. Jun, with Pyron and Ren, are imprisoned by Yúan. Yoh rescues them and goes upstairs. When Pyron's master's zombie attacks Yoh, Pyron stops him and as Shamon attacks Jun and Pyron, he retaliates by striking him down and splitting his body in two. Yúan appears later on and knocks out everyone. Pyron manages to kick Yúan in the head but it does not do anything and he is thrown into a wall. The others get up again and want to fight and Ren defeats Yúan. As the group leaves, Pyron stays with Jun at the Tao compound.

Shaman Fight Second RoundEdit

When Ren was badly injured by Hao's followers, Anna, Jun, and Tamao are assigned by Mikihisa to find his team and rescue them from Asakura Hao. They find his team in the forest cornered by Asakura Hao's Team "Hana-Gumi". The Hana-Gumi attack Mikihisa's team but are knocked aside by the three girls. The two engage in battle with Pyron managing to destroy Ashcroft's Armor. Anna leaves with Mikihisa team to get to their match.

Jun and Tamao, believing they have taken out the third over soul, attack Chuck and Jack. They are successful in knocking them aside. Ashcroft gets up, with the armor on, and attacks Pyron, managing to impale him with his lance but it has no effect since Pyron is already dead. The lance is stuck inside Pyron and he then destroys Ashcroft. He readies himself to take down the last two ghosts but Ashcroft gets up again and grabs him. Pyron shatters the armor beyond repair and readies himself to kill the armor for good, but it is revealed that Kanna's medium is cigarette smoke and she cuts Pyron's arm off. Pyron tries getting himself back together but then his legs are cut off by Jack. The Hana-Gumi has had enough and quickly destroy Pyron's body and defeat Tamao. The Hana-Gumi attack Jun and Tamao but are stopped by the arrival of Asakura Mikihisa.

Invading the PlantsEdit

Anime/Manga DifferenceEdit


  • His name means: the "White Dragon"
  • He is a thinly-veiled reference to Bruce Lee, who died under suspicious circumstances, created his own style of Martial Art, starred in many films and whose screen name was Lee Siu-Lung(or Xiǎolóng in Mandarin, means "little dragon").


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