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Japanese Name: リリー
Romanized Name: Ririi
English Name: Lilly
First Appearance: Episode 26(Anime)
Affiliations: Lily Five
Occupations: Shaman
Epithet: n/a
Japanese VA: Yui Horie
English VA: Amy Birnbaum
Furyoku Level: n/a
Guardian Ghost
Japanese Name: Jangurian
English Name: Jangalian
Meaning: n/a
Type: Animal spirit

Lilly (リリー, Ririi) is a fictional character in the anime series of Shaman King. She is the genius of the group Lily Five.


She has semi short dark emerald green hair and also wears spectacles. and wears brown school shoes with white stockings and a check pattern skirt with a brown sweater-vest with rolled up sleeves and Her Oracle Bell color is red much like Asakura Hao's.


Lilly is calm and nice. She is mostly calm, watch her team go down and tell them they lost again. She loves to make jokes about Ellie and Millie, but in the past she was often hurt and was very sad.

Abilities and PowersEdit


See More: Jangurian

Her medium is her glasses that she usually uses to help navigate them through the group's travels, amongst other things. Her guardian ghost is a roborovski hamster named Jangurian. When it merges with Lilly's spectacles they become binoculars.



little is known about her past that She was making fun and teasing by her classmates, because of her ability to see ghosts. [1] its unknown how she seems to have known Ellie for a long time before the shaman tournament.

Travel Through AmericaEdit

Her teammates spent most of their time following Asakura Yoh. First she and the rest of her teammates tried to sabotage Yoh's efforts to get to the tournament. Then they decided to let Yoh and his group lead them to where the tournament would be held.

Shaman Fights Second RoundEdit

Lilly and her teammates did not fight in any matches until later in the tournament. They where eventually scheduled to fight Asakura Hao's team. They did plan on fighting but Yoh tried to talk them out of it. The group was convinced that they could beat him if they worked together but Yoh was not. So he challenged them to a fight. If he lost he'd let them fight Hao, if he won, they'd drop out. In the end the Lily Five did win, but at the cost of all their Furyoku. Meaning they no longer had the Furyoku needed to fight anyway.


After the shaman tournament, Lilly and the rest of her teammates opened up a flower shop together with the help of Silva and Kalim.

Anime/Manga DifferenceEdit

Lilly is a anime only character and never appears in the manga.



  1. Shaman King Anime - Episode 53

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