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Lily Five
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Japanese Name: リリーファイーブ
Romanized Name: Rily faibu
English Name: Tres Magnifique
Leader: Sharona
First Appearance: Episode 26 (Anime)
Total Furyoku: n/a

The Lily Five (リリーファイーブ, Riri Faibu, Lees Five in the English anime) are a group of five girls from the fictional anime series Shaman King. They do not appear in the Manga.


The girls meet Asakura Yoh and his friends and trying to attempting to find the Patch Village (Dobie Village in the English Anime) during the Shaman tournament. While they are all capable shamans, their level of furyoku is nothing compared to other characters in the show. The five girls came together when they were rejected by those around them after their shamanic powers emerged.Because they form a group of five, they realize that cannot all participate in the third round of the Shaman Tournament, which requires teams of three. Though they initially attempt to break their group up, Yoh, to ensure their safety, forces them to realize that they cannot compete effectively against opponents like Asakura Hao. The girls instead resolve to become famous as the ones who refused to fight Hao. Towards the anime's conclusion, they become staunch supporters of Yoh as he fights Hao.



Sharona, the leader of the Lily Five
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Sharona (シャローナ, Jarōna) is the greedy leader of the group.

Sally - 2nd in command of the Lily five

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Sally, the defacto fighter of the Lily Five
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Sally (サリー, Saly) is a tough and very violent girl. Amongst all the members of Lilly Five, she is always the first to jump into a fight.


Millie, the crybaby of the Lily Five
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Millie (ミリー, Mily) is the crybaby of the group, who seemingly has a crush on Lyserg Diethel.


Ellie, the tomboy of the Lily Five
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Ellie (エリー, Ely) is the tomboy of the group, something that is in heavy contrast to her former life in highschool, where she was a cheerleader.[1]


Lilly, the genius of the Lily Five
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Lilly (リリー, Rilly) is the genius of the group.

Abilities and PowersEdit

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Anime/Manga DifferenceEdit

The Lily Five only appear in the anime but not in the manga.


  • A running joke in the english anime with Asakura Yoh and Sharona, when Yoh greets them he will call them "Lees Five" which in turns makes Sharona very angry and yell at him to call her teammates team "Magnifique".[2]


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