Fallen Angels
Fallen Angel Lucifer
Japanese Name: 堕天使
English Name: Fallen Arch-Spirits
Meaning: n/a
First Appearance: Chapter 213 (Manga)
Episode 56 (Anime)
Type: Serei Class
Reiryoku Level: n/a
Shaman: X-Laws

Fallen Angels(堕天使, Datenshi) are the spirits of defected X-Laws members. They are created from "supercars" that gained a spirit from their importance to Marco Lasso and Luchist Lasso. They are called fallen angels because they are used by X-Laws members who have defected from the group.


Michael, Zelel, and Lucifer were created from cars that gained their own spirit. It is speculated by Asakura Yoh that the cause of this was some kind of importance to Marco and Luchist.[1] Even though it is not revealed how the other seven Archangels were created, it can be speculated that they are also created from the same spirits of cars with some kind of importance to someone.

The Archangels was then created by having a priest call upon the the spirit of the real Archangel and then through a hard process fuse it with the spirit of the cars, thus giving birth to a mechanical nature spirit.[2]

Their main ability is to shatter other spirits when they attack them, as seen when Michael impales Boris Tepes Dracula and makes him vanish. However, they are basically just high level Oversouls and as commented by Luchist. however in the anime, all they have is their own size.[3] Michael, Zelel, and Lucifer were also revealed to have two forms, when oversouled, one being their Archangel form and the other being their car form.



Fallen Angel Lucifer 1

O.S. Fallen Angel Lucifer

O.S. "Fallen Angel Lucifer" (O.S. 堕天使・ルシファー, Datenshi Rushifā)

  • Shaman: Luchist Lasso
  • O.S. Type: Spirit Type
  • Spirit Ally: Lucifer
  • Reiyoku Level: 200,000
  • Medium Used: Sword No-000 "Luchist Comphunter" - A bullet shot from Luchist's Colt
Luchists Medium

"Luchist Comphunter" Luchist's Colt

Description: Lucifer means "Morning Star", also known as Helel in Hebrew, and like Michael, Luficer was created from a car. A yellow Lamborghini Countach LP400 that due to its importance to Luchist Lasso also gained a spirit. It is the first and with its Reiyoku level is also the second most powerful of all of the Archangels. Wielding a large club in one of its hands and with its black colors, crow wings and large claws greatly stand out from the other nine Archangels. It first appearance was when Luchist attacked Team "X-I" and Team "X-II" on the X-Laws cargo ship. Wanting revenge for Team "X-III" John Denbat oversouled Raphael and attacked Luchist. At the time did Lucifer attacked so fast none from Team "X-II" realized what had happened. Shredding the Archangel Raphael of John Denbat into pieces with its large claws, Luchist announced his next move was going to be in slow motion.

In the meantime was Luficer slowly revealing itself in the shades of the night. Completely shattering Raphael with its club it continued by shredding up Uriel and Sariel, completely laying devastation to Team "X-II". Jumping into the fight and claiming he was the only one capable of fighting him Marco Lasso began fighting Luchist using their guns for some sort of fencing. After easily defeating Marco Luchist point his colt at him, only to be stopped by the charging Yoh. Deciding to fight back more seriously than before, Marco switches to his own battle outfit. Noting that such outfit can create a stronger spirit, Luchist also changes to his own battle outfit. Facing each other Marco launches a single bullet towards a rock next to Lyserg telling him good boys should stay in bed. To this Luchist comments that not even a child's Furyoku could stop them and both summon their Archangels.


  • Lucifer's Giant Hammer: A simple attack, Lucifer smashes down its hammer on an Over Soul and crushes the spirit used in it. However, the full extent of this attack is not seen because Asakura Yoh is quickly shielded by Shamash before the hammer could connect.[4]


Fallen Angel Azazel

O.S. Fallen Angel Azazel

O.S. "Fallen Angel Azazel"(O.S. 堕天使・アザゼル, Datenshi Azazeru)

  • Shaman: Hans Reiheit
  • O.S. Type: Spirit Type
  • Spirit Ally: Azazel
  • Reiryoku Level: 470,000[5]
  • Medium Used: Sword No-009 "Reihit Steyr" - A bullet fired from Reiheit's Steyr AUG

"Reihit Steyr" Reiheit's Steyr AUG

Description: Azazel name means "God strengthens", he is also known as Rameel and Eblis, or Azaz'il and Iblis in Arabic. Azazel is because of it's Reiryoku level, the strongest of all of the ten Archangels, and even stronger than the Spirit of Fire's Reriyoku level of 300,000. When oversouled it becomes gigantic and far bigger than any other of the Archangels, equipped with various weapons all over its body. It was first mentioned when Luchist and Marco talked about an X-Laws, that has been exiled for his extreme violence. When Asakura Hao attacked the human fleet of battle ships, one ship was left intact. On that ship was Reiheit. Announcing the furiyoku level of his Archangel he called it a monster stronger than the Spirit of Fire. Protecting the ship for the deal of several millions he was asked by Amano Teruko why he was not interested in becoming Shaman King.

Claiming he is still following the ideals of Iron Maiden Jeanne, he also tells that because of its high level, he can only control it for about three seconds and that it would take less than a second to destroy the island. He believes that Jeanne has joined up with the enemy and for that reason does not deserve to live. Announcing his beliefs, he aims at Hao and fires his medium. When he reveals his gigantic archangel Over Soul, Hao calls him small and attacks the angel. The Over Soul collapses from the attack and the resulting stress kills Reiheit.


  • Maiden Bullet Fire: Storing Jeanne's Iron Maiden within its chest compartment, Azazel is able to fire the Iron Maiden as a bullet.[6]

Anime/Manga DifferenceEdit


Lucifer in the anime

In the anime Lucifer uses a spiked mace instead of a club and it is never mentioned that Lucifer is an archangel. Also in the anime series Lucifer is colored white and black with large horns however like most Archangels while he is given a black color in the Kang Zeng Bang Shaman Files. Because Reiheit is a manga only character, the tenth Archangel Azazel is never shown in the anime.


  • Both Lucifer and Azazel are named after real fallen angels, angels who were cast down to earth.
  • Lucifer is also called "Angel Engine-000"


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