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Japanese Name: マジスター
Romanized Name: Majisuta
English Name: Magister
First Appearance: Shaman King: Master of Spirits
Affiliations: n/a
Occupations: Shaman
Epithet: n/a
Japanese VA: n/a
English VA: Anthony Salerno
Furyoku Level:
Guardian Ghost
Japanese Name: Triglav
English Name:
Meaning: "three-headed"
Type: Unknown

Magister(マジスター,Majisuta) was a character who only appeared in Shaman King: Master of Spirits and Shaman King: Master of Spirits 2 for the Gameboy Advance. He is a mysterious Shaman who always wears a black cap, his guardian ghost is Triglav.


His skin is pale blue and he wears black clothes.

Abilities and PowersEdit

He can create illusions and cast spells. He can also take control of others minds, however the mind control spell breaks if the person who is brainwashed is defeated. he was stated by Silva. that he's a rival of Hao in power. however Yoh's conversation with Lyserg. implies that he is weaker and Mephias is the only one that can beat Hao.


See More: Triglav

His guardian ghost is Triglav(トリグラブー).



Magister probably became a Shaman at the age of four but his past is unknown.

Shaman King:Master of SpiritsEdit

Magister's ancestors were shamans who were defeated by the Hao, so he holds a grudge against all shamans, Yoh in particular. Magister wants the Tome of The Shaman to bring Mephias, a former Shaman King, back to life. He tries to steal The Tome from Anna Kyoyama while Yoh and the gang are resting from the Shaman King tournament, however the pages were scattered, so Yoh and his friends went searching for the pages. Magister then took control of Ryu's mind and made him attack Yoh, who fought and defeated Ryu, Ryu then told Yoh that the last thing he remembered was Magister.

Magister then trapped Usui Pirika in a purple crystal and told Horohoro to destroy Yoh or else he will never see his sister again and well send her in other world. however Horohoro was tempted when Yoh said to take it a little easy, however Horohoro only tells Yoh to shut up. Horohoro then fights Yoh but then he loses. Pirika is then freed from the crystal by Anna and Manta comes and take her back to the Funbari Inn. Yoh then fights Faust and Chocolove, who were also brainwashed by Magister. Finally Yoh finally finds Magister and defeats him in a one-on-one fight. However, Magister was succeed being reviving the former Shaman King Mephias who proceeds sends a corridor underneath Magister and easily defeats him in cold blooded. however for Yoh later laments his fate and swears becomes more determined to stop Hao.

Shaman King: Master of Spirits 2Edit

in the sequel Magister reappears as a secret boss. He was somehow resurrected and brainwashed by Hao to fight Yoh. After the fight Magister comes back to his senses and lends him his spirit ally to aid yoh.[1]


  1. Shaman King: Master of Spirits 2

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