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Welcome to the Shaman King Wiki. This is the Wikia about Shaman King, the manga and anime series created by Hiroyuki Takei. We are currently updating the information and invite you to join us in improving this Wikia! When editing these pages, please remember that the storyline of the anime series cannot be considered canon.

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Remix Track 14
Track 14

Asakura Yoh is feeling down after his trip to Mt. Osorezan, so Tamamura Tamao tries to cheer him up.

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Mankin-Trad - A site specialized in scanning and translating the newest of the newest Shaman King Manga Material.
Mangareader.Net - One of the largest scanlation group of mangas and one of the main sources for the information written on this site.
Shaman King on Wikipedia - The origins of this site.
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