Marco Lasso
Marco X-Laws Uniform
Japanese Name: マルコ・ラッソ
Romanized Name: Maruko Rasso
English Name: Marco
First Appearance: Chapter 104(Manga)
Episode 25(Anime)
Affiliations: X-Laws
Team "X-I"
Occupations: Car Salesman
Epithet: Chibi Marco-Chan
Japanese VA: Akimitsu Takase
English VA: Eric Stuart
Furyoku Level: 12.000(initial)
Guardian Ghost
Japanese Name: Michael
English Name: Michael
Meaning: "Who is like God"
Type: Serei Class

Marco Lasso(マルコ・ラッソ, Maruko Rasso)[1] is a fictional character in the manga and anime series of Shaman King. He is the captain of the X-Laws, only overruled by Iron Maiden Jeanne. He originates from Sicily, Italy. Orphaned from an early age, Marco was raised in a Catholic church-orphanage by a priest. Together with Jeanne and Lyserg Diethel he is part of Team "X-I". He was born on November 17. 1973.


Marco Battle Uniform 1

Marco in his battle uniform

Marco is a blonde average sized man. He is usually seen wearing a X-laws uniform. He carries three spare pairs of glasses inside his shoulder armor, each with a varying degree of resistance. Because he has astigmatism, Marco always wears a pair of glasses, with bulletproof lenses.

When not in his X-Laws Uniform, he wears a simple white dress shirt, a tie with a leaf pattern, white suspenders with a black pattern and lining, black dress pants, and black leather shoes. All of this cloth are an Italian brand. He also wears his X-Laws standard gun, his "Marco Full Auto 9" on his street clothes, with its strap attached to his left suspender. He also has a plain white suit that he wears whenever he is driving Iron Maiden Jeanne around.

Like Luchist Lasso he has his own battle uniform, that he wears beneath his usual clothing.[2] His uniform consists of a pair of black boots and black short shorts. His white dress shirt is fully opened and his cuffs are unbuttoned and hanging loosely and the placement of his pistol strap on the inside of his shirt. When opening his shirt he also reveals a cross necklace. As Luchist puts it, the battle uniform used to create a stronger spirit, and more perfect conditions for the Over Soul. However it also requires personal acknowledgment and permanent requirements.


Like most members of the X-Laws, Marco is extremely loyal to Jeanne, and will stop at nothing to achieve what he believes will bring about Jeanne's ideals of a world free of corruption and evil. Like Jeanne, he tends to see issues in absolutes; either something is good or evil. Those who join the X-Laws are considered good and those who do not are automatically evil and with Asakura Hao.

However he later came to change his views on the world. After fighting with Luchist twice Marco realized and acknowledged that true justice is love, and that turning one's back to it is evil's true form.[3]

When he first appeared he seemed very gentle but later, as commented by Luchist, it is revealed that he lacks flexibility and is very impatient which cause him to easily become annoyed and angry about the smallest things. When agitated and stressed he usually ends up crushing his own glasses and for that reason he carries a set of three spare glasses in his shoulder patch.

The only thing that can calm him down seems to be Jeanne and in rare cases, quality chocolate with coffee[4]. He heavily believes in discipline, to the degree where he physically punished Lyserg when he was up too late or spoke against their plans. During fights he has a tendency to give people several death sentences. He also has a great love for cars, which led him to form his own car dealership.

Abilities and PowersEdit

As a human he has above the average strength, as he is able to wound Lyserg by just slapping him. He also seem capable of using his handgun for a sort of fencing style, though not as capable as Luchist who easily bested and subdued him during both of their fights. As a shaman he is not gifted with much more powers than any one else of his level. As explained by Luchist Lasso it would seem he can create a more powerful spirit by using his own battle uniform instead of his X-Laws uniform.

Even thought of his lack of "flexibility" he still carries an extra pair of glasses in his shoulder armor. His glasses are bulletproof as seen when one of the Ten Patch judges tried to impale Lyserg only to have his attack stopped by the glasses.[5] Even thought they appear to be bulletproof, they were still shattered easily by Luchist colt when he hit them, meaning that they are properly not resilient to larger impacts.


See More: Michael

His spirit is the one of the Archangel Michael(アークエンジェル・マイケル). It is originally a 92 Red Ferrari Testarossa, a car that was so important to Marco that it gained a spirit.[6] That spirit was later fused with the spirit of the Archangel Michael, thus creating this powerful spirit. It uses the medium of a bullet fired by a 9mm modified Beretta 93R with a longer barrel. Like all other archangels it has the ability to shatter souls.

During his final battle it is revealed that he can also use his glasses as a medium for his Over Soul to create a fake copy Over Soul of himself called O.S. "Fake Marco"




Chibi Marco-Chan and Luchist

Originating from Sicily, Italy and born on November 17, 1973, when Marco was young he lost his parents in an accident and was placed in a catholic church-orphanage. There he was raised by the reverend, Luchist Lasso. During that time he was called "Chibi Marco-Chan" and he was bullied and was very intolerant. Towards the present time, Marco still feels grateful for his upbringing it was because of Luchist, who allowed him to learn ballet and took him to car shows and he allowed him to go to the university and helped him create his own car company. Luchist also created the X-Laws that Marco would join.[2]

Later on when Marco became an adult, he and Luchist one time met Jeanne. At that time she was nothing but an orphan born with shamanic powers. They soon raised her, turning her into a savior and a holy person, making her believe that she was destined to destroy all evil. At some point, because he loved his car so much, the "supercar", a Lamborghini Countach LP400, of Luchist gained a spirit that was somehow turned into the first fallen Archangel named Lucifer. Later the same happened to a car, a 92 Red Ferrari Testarossa, owned by Marco, that was turned into the Archangel named Michael.

During this time Marco owned a car company named "Super Marco" that dealt with sport cars. At a time when Marco's company was on the verge of creating their very own sports car, however Hao came and and took everything away from him. For some unknown reason to Marco, Luchist decided to join with Hao after this event. It was at this time that Marco took over the X-Laws.

Travel Through AmericaEdit

Marco was first seen when Yoh wanted to talk with the defeated Boris only to find him Impalement by the sword of the Archangel Michael. When questioned what it was, Marco revealed himself and announced the name of his spirit Michael, who carries the sword of punishment, Michael then shatters the soul of Boris, leaving nothing behind. As the other six members of the X-Laws appear, Marco starts to preach about justice and the X-Laws and their mission to destroy the root of evil, which they believe to be Asakura Hao, and that for this reason they have joined the Shaman Fight. Ren then noted that he saw them at the opening ceremony and on the Patch Jumbo Jet.


The X-Laws defeats "Big Guy" Bill Burton

Marco continues to announce his name and tries to befriended Yoh, stating that they came because of two of Hao's "underlings" came to the cave and that they believed that Yoh and his gang wouldn't be able to defeat them alone. He then explains that every member of the X-Laws has suffered by Hao's hand and are therefore bonded together by their common goal to defeat him. During this Ren and Bason discuss that they have met a powerful enemy. At this time Hang Zang-Ching and Mohamed Tabarsi appear, Tabarsi mocks their powers, saying that they won't gain anything from recruiting losers. Marco notes that they aren't taking them seriously, noting that they are missing one man. Tabarsi informs them that he is busy with something else, at which point that man, "Big Guy" Bill Burton, appears from behind the X-Laws with his spirits of what appears to be football players. Marco analyzes his spirits and informs the leader that they are Bill's deceased teammates, who were lost in an bad accident.

Announcing that there will be no pardon for those who ally with Hao and informing Bill that he deserves capital punished, Marco and other X-Laws aims their weapons at him and calls out "Archangel Fire" which summons all seven of their Archangels. Tabarsi, Ching, and Bill just look on in shock, wondering where they got such spirits. During this he explains that they use firearms to create oversouls with divine ammunition as mediums.

They quickly defeat Bill, and Marco prepared to end it but is stopped by Yoh, who disliked there methods. Both Yoh and Marco then start an argument over one another morals, during which Marco asks if Yoh is with Hao while Yoh comments that Marco was just like Hao. In the end, in order to prevent Marco from killing Bill, Yoh clashes with the sword of Michael which result in the Harasume being broken again. Seeing his bravery, Marco allows him to live and then leaves with the other X-Laws.

Marco is next seen comforting Lyserg Diethel who is sad about being so weak. Asking if he could kill Hao, Marco replies that he can, because he has the combined strength of the X-Laws with him. Telling Lyserg to stop crying, he notes how he was able to do well all alone until now and that Lyserg's parents would be proud of him. Still feeling inferior to Yoh, Marco asks Lyserg if he wants to become stronger.

Saying that if Lyserg meets their superior, he would be given the strength he desires, but then Marco also tells him to think about it and to contact the X-Laws when he is ready. Wishing Lyserg good luck, he and the other X-Laws depart.

Shaman Fights Second RoundEdit

Being part of the X-I team, Marco, was together with the newly joined Lyserg and there leader Iron-Maiden Jeanne, pitched against Team "Niles". When the fight starts he stands back and does not do much. Instead he follows Jeanne's orders of letting Lyserg do the entire fighting. There he watches Lyserg annihilate two of Team "Niles" mediums and crushing the body of Anatel Pokki , alongside destroying his mask. However as Lyserg prepares his final attack, something goes wrong and the Pendulum stops a mere inches from a fatal strike at Anatel.

When Jeanne asks to be released from the maiden Marco reveals that his shoulder amour holds a key to her maiden and releases her. He then watches the Nile's get completely annihilated by Jeanne.

When Yoh visits The X-Laws Marco attacks Yoh after he turns down Jeanne's invitation to join the X-laws, though unsuccessful.

At some point Marco began doubting Lyserg's loyalty towards the X-Laws and decides to give him his Archangel Zelel, an angel chained in the X-Laws Weapon Storage.

One night, Marco and the remaining X-Laws were visited by Yoh, who wanted Marco's permission to once again participate in the Shaman Fights. However instead of arguing with them Yoh quickly revealed his resolve to fight with them.[7] In turn Marco was quick to decide that Yoh was allied with Hao and therefor his soul had to be destroyed, and together with Team "X-II" attacked Yoh, but Yoh easily dodged all of their attacks as he had used Hyoi Gattai with Amidamaru.

Invading the PlantsEdit

After being transported to the Continent of Mu by the Patch Tribe, Team "Funbari Onsen", Team "The Ren" and Team "X-I" decided to forfeit the tournament saying that none of them was able to face Hao. Luchist and Opacho both agreed to this, thus making Hao the next Shaman King by forfeit.

The three remaining teams watched him walk into the plants led by Lip and Rap, the Ten Patch Priests and Goldva. When Marco Asakura Yoh and Tao Ren and their respective teams proceeded to follow him a little later, they were all blocked in their path by Luchist. He proceeds to reveal his battle suit and summoned his Archangel. Recognizing his battle suit Marco declares that he would be his opponent. [8]

Marco's Final Battle 2

Marco prepares for his final battle with Luchist

Before anything can happen Lyserg yells to Marco in fear, only for Marco to yell at him not to come any closer and declare that the two had to finish the fight they started, a fight that was only between the two of them. He continues to tell him that he does not need to worry and reminding him what he had already told him before. He reveals his Over Soul, his battle suit and yells that, as he had told Lyserg before "Justice Always Wins"

After Yoh eases Lyserg of his worries and claims that the fight should really be between the two only, Marco and Luchist comes to have a discussion about "Justice" that leads Luchist to reveal how he first time met Hao and how his original belief of justice changed.

Both fighters attacks each other with Luchist getting the upper hand by quickly destroying Marco's Over Soul at least seven times finally revealing Marco with no Over Soul and properly no Furyoku left. Crying, Luchist aims his colt at Marco and wished him goodbye, saying that he will see him again in the Great Spirit and watched as Lucifer's hammer shatter him.

Marco suddenly appears behind Luchist and grabs him while holding his gun to his chin. He says that he had been fooled again and reveals that he used his glasses as a medium for Michael to create an Over Soul of himself called O.S. "Fake Marco", that was shattered instead of himself.

Marco threatens Luchist not to move or he would blow his head up and proceed to reveal his plan, knowing from the start that he had no chance against him. Marco begins to explain about his justice being that of love, revealing how he received the compassionate love of Iron Maiden Jeanne and realized that his justice was wrong. He yells that compassionate love is the answer to everything, even the one he received from Luchist.

Death of Marco and Luchist

The Death of Marco and Luchist

Luchist then makes one final challenge, wanting to see how strong love is and makes Lucifer attack them both. He uses the bullet medium to kill both of them. While dying Marco makes an apology to Jeanne, saying that he had sinned, going against her ideals and going against his own "father" and going against her orders by sacrificing himself to kill Luchist.[3] As he finally dies, his life flashes before his eyes and Marco remembers all the good times he had with Luchist. The spirit of himself and Luchist is seen talking to Yoh, who questions their actions. Both of them says that it is because they do not know how to stop.

When Hao created a Black Hole within the Great Spirit, the X-Laws appeared in their 'Supercars' to protect the Soul Train.[9]

Anime/Manga DifferenceEdit

Gate of BabylonEdit

Marco went along with the plan to open the Gate of Babylon with Jeanne. He battled Hao and however he lost. When Jeanne opened the door he was sucked in and released later on.[10] His Spirit partner was given to Lyserg to fix Morphine. After Hao's defeat he went back to Italy and enjoyed the rest of his life before the next fight was announced from the destiny star.


  • Jeanne sees Marco as her Archangel Michael, because of what he did for her.
  • A running gag throughout the manga and anime series involves Marco somehow destroying his glasses when he gets angry or shocked.


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External LinksEdit

  • Berreta 93R - The gun model which Marco had modified and uses as a medium.
  • Archangel Michael - The Archangel who his spirit is based on
  • Sicily - The town where Marco was born
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