Japanese Name: オロナ
English Name: Olona
Meaning: "Hell Island"
First Appearance: Chapter 117 (Manga)
Episode 37 (Anime)
Type: Human Ghost
Reiryoku Level: n/a
Shaman: n/a

Orona (オロナ, Orona,Olona in the English anime) is a fictional character in the manga and anime series of Shaman King. He was Chocolove McDonell's master before he died.


Born November 7, 1935, he was originally an Amazonian shaman from South America in a small village until the young people were seduced by the modern world which caused the tribes to disappear. He became a traveling comedian in New York City and later met Chocolove McDonell. Orona first messed with Chocolove, with a blood bag as a gag. Chocolove, who had joined a gang after his parents were killed on Christmas, tried to kill him with a gun, but he missed. Orona tries to reason with Chocolove but is forced to use Mic to attack him. Orona said that it would take a long time before he can save the world with laughter. Chocolove thought that it was the funniest thing he ever heard, and Chocolove asked him how he did it and what kind of animal Mic was. Orona was surprised that he could see Mic and recognized him as a shaman.

As Orona trained Chocolove to become a shaman for six months on the riverbanks close to the Brooklyn Bridge, Chocolove said that his jokes weren't funny anymore.

Anime/Manga DifferenceEdit

In the anime, Chocolove met Orona when he tried to stop a hostage situation using only jokes, and Orona later died of old age. However, in the manga Chocolove is part of a gang and Orona dies by being beaten and shot



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