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Japanese Name: オーザム
Romanized Name: Ōzamu
English Name:
First Appearance: Chapter (Manga)
Affiliations: Gandhara
Epithet: n/a
Japanese VA: n/a
English VA: n/a
Furyoku Level: n/a
Guardian Ghost
Japanese Name: Niou
English Name:
Type: Kami Class

Ozam (オーザム, Ōzamu), formally better known as Osamu Kidomura (鬼道村 修, Kidomura Osamu), is a fictional character in the manga series of Shaman King. He is born on November 3, 1975 in India.


He is an extremly tall man, towering most other characters in the series and is also rather muscular. He wears nothing but a tattered orange cloth around his legs, black boots and wristbands. He has long smooth black hair and covers his face with a red and grey mask.


Abilities and PowersEdit

His spirits are the Nio, which use vajras as mediums.



He works as a security guard and physical education teacher at the Gandhara school, but apparently was a professional wrestler in the past and still competes on occasion in Japan.

Shaman Fights Second RoundEdit

He is apart of Gandhara, specifically a member of Team Deva alongside Samy and Mamy. His team makes it to the second round, and soundly defeats Teams Cowboys and Nazca before withdrawing from the Tournament to go along with Yoh's plan to kill Hao.

Anime/Manga DifferenceEdit

Ozam does not appear in the anime.


  • He is named for OZAM Co., Ltd.
    • Originally, Team Deva was made up of Mamy, Aeon Lee, and Sei-Kyow; this was later changed and Samy and Ozam replaced Aeon and Sei-Kyow.[1]


  1. Shaman King Manga - Chapter 208; Pages 2-5

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