The Patch Song is created by the Patch Tribe and used to "educate" its members as well as give them strength.[1]


The Patch Song is a song taught by Renim of the Ten Patch Officiants and Bron of the Ten Patch Officiants to the other Patch Priests in order to increase their Furyoku and their overall spiritual strenght. With this Magna of the Ten Patch Officiants, who's body was otherwise damaged beoyond normal movement, can use his fullbody Over Soul to move freely. This song was also responsible of depriving Silva of the Ten Patch Officiants of his doubt about the Shaman Fights and he even fights Asakura Yoh and his friends without any emotions.

Later Johann George Faust VIII copied the effects of the song to create the Funbari no Uta which he also planned to use as a jingle for the Funbari Onsen.[2]


After ages on Earth,
When two stars meet.
Our King resurrects,
In order to bring to light
The path
That should be followed
Shaman King
It's our power
Shaman King
It's our furyoku
The absolute religion that erases every hesitation
The self-confident spirit!


  • The entire song was never fully revealed.
  • In the PlayStation 2 video game "Shaman King: Power of Spirit" there is a song called "Traditional Song of the Dobie Tribe" which might be related do Patch Song.


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