Peyote's Mariachi Band
O.S. Mariachi Band
Japanese Name: 7人のマリアッチ
English Name: Ramiro's Band
Meaning: n/a
First Appearance: Chapter 115 (Manga)
Episode 37 (Anime)
Type: Human Ghosts
Reiryoku Level: 3,800
Shaman: Peyote Diaz

Peyote's Mariachi Band (7人のマリアッチ 7-Nin no Mariacchi; literally Seven Men of Mariachi) are the spirits of Peyote Diaz.


The spirits were once, alongside with Peyote, part of a Mariachi band.

  • Carlos (カルロス Karurosu) & Juan (ジョアン Joan): Juan and Carlos are both guitar players and were once owners of a saloon, but were gunned down by an unhappy customer. Also, Carlos and Juan look quite alike and are the only two spirits to have been shown.
  • Antonio (アントニオ Antonio), Jose (ホセ Hose), Pancho (パンチョ Pancho), Miguel (ミゲル Migeru), and Zapata (サパタ Sapata): Not much is known about the rest except that Antonio was their lead singer, and they all died in bar brawls they started themselves.

They were famed for their Mariachi band, and also the bar brawls they started themselves. They called themselves men, and their fighting was also what got themselves killed in the end.

Thanks to the power granted by the Chō-Senjiryakketsu, they were able to assume the powers of nature spirits, even though they didn't die long ago.[1]

Oversouls and AttacksEdit

O.S. Mariachi BandEdit


O.S. Mariachi Band

O.S. "Mariachi Band" (O.S. マリアッチ・バンド)

Description: This is Peyote's most basic oversoul. When he and the Boz Brothers fought against Team "Ren" and the Boz Brothers were defeated by Chocolove, he ordered them to continue and used their bodies as a medium for his oversoul and two of his spirits Carlos and Juan. By changing his Over Soul, Peyote can make the BoZ Brothers wear cactus clubs on their arms.


Peyote's O.S. using the Boz brothers as the medium.

Later on, he revealed five Calavera dolls, like those used in Mexico during El Día de Muertos (Spanish for Day of the Dead), that worked as protection for him. He apparently controls these spirits by making them vibrate to his music.


  • Flying Spines: An attack where Peyote launches the spines on the cactus weapons created with his Oversoul to use as flying projectiles.

O.S. Grande PhantasmaEdit

Grande Fantasma

O.S. Grande Phantasma

O.S. "Grande Phantasma" (O.S. ゲランデ・ファンタズム)[2]

  • Shaman: Peyote Diaz
  • O.S. Type: Spirit Type
  • Spirit Ally: Carlos; Juan; Antonio; Jose; Pancho; Miguel; Zapata
  • Medium: 'Falla' doll

Description: This is Peyote's second and strongest oversoul. This is Peyote's deadly trump card and its medium is that of 'Falla' doll, one of the huge made-to-be-burnt wooden dolls you can find in the fire festival of Valencia.

The doll was discovered when Peyote and Hao were in Spain. They were watching the festival together when this 'Falla' accidentally fell, smashing and killing numerous people. Peyote liked its design, so he took advantage of the situation and created an oversoul with the doll, using its recent victims, so he could steal it.

By integrating his various spirits into the doll it manifests itself as the giant 'Falla' doll, wielding a relatively small knife. This Oversoul has great strength and stealth, despite its large size. However, the main disadvantage of this oversoul is that due to its huge size and the numerous spirits required, it consumes a great proportion of the users Furyoku and the medium is also difficult to transport.[3]

Anime/Manga DifferenceEdit

Caravela Dolls

The Calavera dolls in the anime.

The Calavera dolls appearance in the manga series is quite different from their appearance in anime series.



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