Pino Graham
Japanese Name: ピノ・グレアム
Romanized Name: Pino Gureamu
English Name: Pino
First Appearance: Chapter 127 (Manga)
Episode 43 (Anime)
Affiliations: Icemen
Occupations: Shaman
Japanese VA: Susumu Chiba
Nana Mizuki (Young)
English VA: Christopher Kromer
Furyoku Level: 2,400


Guardian Ghost
Japanese Name: Badbh
English Name: Badbh
Meaning: "Crow"
Type: Kami Class

Pino Graham (ピノ・グレアム, "Pino Gureamu") is the leader of The Icemen from Ireland. The spirit he controls is Badbh, an Irish crow goddess that allows him to freeze anything. His birthday is July 30, 1979.


He is a man of average height. He was first seen in a heavy parka and goggles hanging from his neck. His street clothes are a black shirt with bold text that says "Ice", sweat pants, and tennis shoes.


When he was first introduced, Pino was shown to be confident and somewhat arrogant, these traits stem from his harsh history in which he faced numerous trials and tribulations.

He also displayed stubbornness as shown when he refused to surrender to Team "Funbari Onsen" during their fight even though he, Cadamihide and Zria were nearly out of furyoku and that the other two were suggesting that they should already admit defeat.

However, when he and his teammates were finally defeated, he showed no bitterness nor bore any grudge against Team "Funbari Onsen". Instead, he admitted that he was actually happy that he lost to them, specifically to Asakura Yoh, and that it was because of the loss that he became elated and more peaceful.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Pino can shoot ice shaped like crows at Asakura Yoh to freeze him in place with his staff.


See More: Badbh


Shaman Fights Second RoundEdit

The Icemen were paired against Team "Funbari Onsen" whom they fought but were defeated by the spirit of sword. He then socialized with Yoh and gang. His team watched the rest of the fights. When Hao attacked, Pino and his team saved many boats and people going off the island with Horohoro. He later got on a boat and went back to Ireland to train.

Anime/Manga DifferenceEdit

In the anime, he and his teammates never made it to the second round. However the In Episode 44 they chose to give up on the Tournament after fighting Yoh but also decided remain in America to watch the fights and see if Yoh would become the Shaman King, at the end of the series they are seen in what appears to be the Irish countryside tending to a flock of sheep.



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