The Unfinished Billboard
Chapter Info
Volume: 1
Chapter: 3
Japanese Title: 未看板
Romanized Title: Mi kanban
Total Pages: 19
Chapter Chronology
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Reincarnation 3: The Unfinished Billboard (未看板) is the 3rd chapter of Shaman King.

Short SummaryEdit

Long SummaryEdit

Manta is seen dragging Yoh through the streets being late, Yoh tells Manta that he is sleepy and wants to go back when suddenly billboards falls on Yoh, which leaves a distressed Manta calling out to his friend. The nearby people sees the accident. They remove the billboard revealing a surprised Yoh hiding in a hole. A nearby unkown ghost is watching on.

At school the two talk about the accident, Manta tells Yoh that the billboard always falls down, which worries Yoh. Manta tells Yoh that he should worry about other things like the kendo test. Yoh has combined with Amidamaru and passes the test, which notices a stressfull Manta. Amidamaru explains that he needs to obey orders and goes everywhere Yoh goes. Yoh exclaims that he is getting more friendly with Amidamaru as well as other ghost who passed away at school, which Yoh introduces to Mannta and if he has them around it will be all alright. Manta calls Yoh a coward since he can't do things on his own, Yoh finds nothing wrong with that since he wants to become a proffesional shaman and explains that he doesn't care for tests. Manta disagrees with his methods and misjudged shamans being cool and leaves Yoh. Amidamaru notices that Manta doesn't see the difficult of being a shaman and yoh replies that Manta can't accept it since he studies and orders Amidamaru to follow Manta since he needs to do something.

An agitated Manta is seen walking on the streets remarking Yoh being lazy and that he isn't fit to be a professional shaman. Manta remembers the scars that Yoh had earlier and thought he has just fallen over. Manta looks up and sees the billboard and notes that the billboard also has fallen on Yoh. At a sudden surprise the billboard fell down, which a shocked Manta stands still, until a sudden voice tells him to jump away. Manta dodged the falling board and sees Amidamaru. Amidamaru told him the reason why he had to escort Manta since the billboard had been possesed by an evil spirit, which shows himself. Manta shockingly asks what it is, the evil spirit shouts: "Do it!" and assaults Manta. Amidamaru blocks the attacks and explains that the evil spirit is a selfbound ghost, which are ghosts that are coated with evil and causes distrest to people who can sense spirits, he also notes that those ghosts don't understand their reason for dying, which causes their feelings go wild and change into a selfbound ghost and it's one type of many spirits. Manta remarks that Yoh has to deal these ghosts. The selfbound ghost breaks through Amidamaru's guard, Manta shouts Amidamaru's name. Amidamaru says that he fine and a fight between spirits are not decided by strength and technique, but by the strength of the spirit's feelings and wonders what it will take to stop him. The selfbound ghost walks towards Manta, repeatly saying: "Do it!". Yoh approaches the ghost, carrying white paint and calls the ghost a troublesome guy since he had to ask a lot of people what happened around here. Manta wonders what Yoh is going to do. The selbound ghost gets enraged and slaps Yoh's face, which shocks Manta and asks what Yoh is doing to Amidamaru. Amidamaru explains that Yoh allowed him to hit to let it know that he is a shaman. Yoh tells the selbound ghost's dead, that happened a year ago when he was paiting the billboard when he fell from the ladder and onto the road in front of a truck. After he couldn't accept his death by not finishing the billboard, he haunted the place and turned evntually into a selfbound ghost. Yoh calls out his name to be Kanta the signmaker and gave him his body to use to finish the billboard. Amidamaru exclaims that Yoh got through him. Kanta changes into his human form. Kanta asks Yoh if he really can do that, which Yoh replies that he also a job that he likes just like Kanta.

Afterwards Kanta with Yoh's help finished the billboard and it never fell again. Manta knew the real reason behind the scars and felt kind of bad towards Yoh.

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