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Japanese Name: サリー
Romanized Name: Sari
English Name: Sally
First Appearance: Episode 26 (Anime)
Affiliations: Lily Five
Occupations: Shaman
Epithet: n/a
Japanese VA: Inuko Inuyama
English VA: Dana Halsted
Furyoku Level: n/a
Guardian Ghost
Japanese Name: Korogashi
English Name: Kosuta
Meaning: "Kind Love"
Type: Unknown

Sally (サリー, Sarii) is a fictional character in the anime series of Shaman King. She is the brute of the group of Lily Five and is always looking for a fight.


She has crimson red hair and wears black trousers, brown boots, and a short black vest. She has lots of rings on her left-hand fingers and her oracle bell color is red and black.


Sally seems very outspoken, but she loves a fight. In the beginning, it seems like Sally is somehow addicted to violence and fighting. However, she tries to be nice to her teammates, unlike Sharona.

Abilities and PowersEdit


See More: Korogashi

Her medium is her rings on her fingers that she usually uses to knock shamans out cold. Her guardian ghost is a giant mallet named Korogashi(コロガーシ), it merges with Sally's rings to become a giant mallet.



She had an anger management problems with a policeman and gets a headlock. Because of having the ability to see ghosts.[1]

Travel Through AmericaEdit

Shaman Fights Second RoundEdit


After the shaman tournament, Sally and the rest of her teammates opened up a flower shop together with the help of Silva and Kalim.

Anime/Manga DifferenceEdit

The 4kids version edits Sally's short black vest opened up so that they edit it. This was to avoid her cleavage made visible. Her top was remained unedited in the Disney Jetix version of the anime and while the in-game play for the game Shaman King: Master of Spirits 2.



  1. Shaman King Anime - Episode 53

External LinksEdit

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