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Japanese Name: 清鏡
Romanized Name: Sei-Kyow
English Name:
First Appearance: Chapter 162 (Manga)
Affiliations: Gandhara
Epithet: n/a
Japanese VA: n/a
English VA: n/a
Furyoku Level: n/a

Sei-Kyow (清鏡, Seikyō) is a fictional character in the manga series of Shaman King. He belongs to the Gandhara faction led by Saigan Sati. He was born on February 8, 1971.


Sei-Kyow is a man who wears a dark Chinese style shirt and trousers, with an orange scarf around his neck and an long orange skirt over his trousers with a red sash. Most of his head is shaven, save a long black ponytail.


Like a number of members of Gandhara, Sei-Kyow is highly protective of Lady Sati. When Sati approaches Asakura Yoh discreetly, Sei-Kyow immediately moves between Sati and Umemiya Ryunosuke when Ryu recognizes her and threatens Ryu if he tries to touch Sati.

Abilities and PowersEdit

His spirit is the Boddhisattva Marishiten and Seikyou uses a mirror as the spirit's medium.



He descends from Taiwanese people whose paternal ancestors have included a Japanese priest in each generation. Along with performing covert activities while aided with spirits, he serves a site manager for the Gandhara.

Shaman Fights Second RoundEdit

Sei-Kyow makes a number of minor appearances in the background when the shaman are gathering to board the Patch Jumbo Jet to be taken to the Patch Village for the second round. He later appears among the Gandhara shaman who accompany Lady Sati.

Unlike the other members of Gandhara, Sei-Kyow is not part of a formal team during the second round of the Shaman Fight.

Anime/Manga DifferenceEdit

Like the other Gandhara members, Sei-Kyow does not appear in the anime.


  • Sei-Kyow is named for the Japanese term for Consumer co-op.
  • Originally, Team Deva was made up of Mamy, Aeon Lee, and Sei-Kyow; this was later changed and Samy and Ozam replaced Aeon and Sei-Kyow.[1]


  1. Shaman King Manga - Chapter 208; Pages 2-5

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