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The Shaman King Legacy games were created on February 8, 2005, and are designed for the Gameboy Advance. They are similar to the Pokémon games in that you can collect different unique type of spirits from each game and trade between to two to have them all. There are two different versions of this game, Soaring Hawk and Sprinting Wolf, with a combined total of 176 spirits to collect.  


The story follows the life of Yoh as he gets ready to compete in the Shaman Tournament. While it does follow more along the lines of the manga, it includes only three anime characters such as Tao Ginny, Ellie and Millie.

First part of the game is a story from anime Shaman King. Yoh first meeting with Morty (Manta), then Rio (Ryu) he later fights against other shamans like Tao Len(Tao Ren) or Tao Jun. Later begins tournament of shamans. Yoh fight against Trey (Horohoro), Faust VIII and then later Tao Len. After his fight against Len, main characters go to Tao House to defeat En Tao (Yúan Tao). Later the original story begins. 


Sprinting Wolf version


Soaring Hawk version

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Spirits ListEdit

In Shaman King: Legacy of Spirits series, you can found 176 spirits. Some spirits can be obtain in first version and some spirits can be obtain in second version. There is only one possibility to obtain all spirits in one game - you must trade spirits.

Rank Name Element
Animal Type
1 Cat Fire
2 Giant Beetle Earth
3 Parakeet Wind
4 Bee Thunder
6 Chameleon None
7 Bat Dark
8 Coeleacanth Water
9 Mole Earth
10 Giant Eagle Wind
11 Condor Wind
12 Shark Water
13 Grizzly Fire
14 Kyuco the Faithful Dog Earth
15 Scorpion Earth
16 Puma Wind
17 Tarantula Earth
18 Turtle Water
19 Nessie Ice
20 Jangarian Earth
21 Bison Earth
22 Ant Earth
23 Dodd Earth
26 Chappy Earth
32 Red Robe Fire
33 Arabian Oryx Fire
34 Konchi Water
35 Ponchi Wind
36 Black Raven Earth
37 Magnescope Wind
38 Shion Shion Water
39 Mic Wind
40 Silver Wing Wind
41 Silver Horn Earth
42 Silver Shield Water
43 Silver Tail Thunder
44 Silver Rod Fire
Arch Spirit Type
40 Metatoron Ice
42 Remiel Thunder
50 Uriel Water
52 Sariel Earth
54 Raphael Fire
55 Michael Light
56 Gabriel Wind
57 Zelel Wind
58 Cifer Dark
Dragon Type
25 White Snake Light
38 Pai-Long Dragon Dark
41 Yellow Dragon Light
48 Grand Tao Dragon Dark
50 Yamatano Orochi Dark
Fiend Type
8 War Pig Dark
34 Tarasan Earth
36 Beelze Wind
38 Namechan Water
42 Giant Eliza Dark
50 Mephisfeles Dark
Human Type
1 Child None
2 Mr. Grimes None
3 Ashida Ice
4 Suzuki Water
6 Noriko Wind
7 Yukihikomaro Ice
8 Kobayashi Thunder
9 Hide-And-Seek 1 Earth
10 Hide-And-Seek 2 None
11 Smile Sales Clerk Water
12 Movie Critic Ice
13 Kanae None
14 Enka Singer Wind
15 Gushy Wind
16 Kanta Dark
17 Pro Bowler Earth
18 Mamushimaru Dark
19 Japanese Clothes Woman Water
20 Rose None
21 Lord None
22 Heiyu Salesperson 1 Water
23 Heiyu Salesperson 2 Ice
24 Heiyu Salesperson 3 Earth
25 Heiyu Salesperson 4 Wind
26 Heiyu Salesperson 5 Fire
27 Heiyu Salesperson 6 Thunder
28 Thug Spirit None
29 Blaumro Dark
30 Captain Mayhem Thunder
31 Samurai Earth
32 Soldier Ice
33 Evil Clown Earth
35 Mosuke None
38 Joao Fire
39 Carlos Thunder
40 Tokageroh Dark
41 Amidamaru Light
42 Deht the Viking Ice
44 Shaolin Thunder
45 Eliza Water
48 Teammate Earth
49 Ancient Spirits Fire
50 Bason Thunder
52 Grand Tao King Dark
55 Ashcroft Fire
56 Yophia Earth
58 Chelga Thunder
60 Ian Fire
62 Nizba Wind
64 Dreisa Ice
67 Chouhi Thunder
68 Kanu Wind
69 Ryubi Fire
70 Koumei Light
72 Cortez the Matador Fire
Immortal Type
15 Red Spirit Light
20 Blue Spirit Light
30 Seitaka Boy Light
31 Cakra Boy Light
32 Garuda Fire
45 Sphinx Earth
51 Aizen Water
52 Gundari Earth
53 Fudoh Fire
61 Mama Thunder
80 Mash Light
81 Bud Light
99 Spirit of Fire Fire
Nature Spirit Type
8 Tama chan Fire
10 Vanessa Water
15 Enra Enra Fire
32 Jack Thunder
40 Vodianoi Ice
41 Guardian Spirit Light
42 Jin Dark
43 Badbh Ice
45 Songoku Wind
46 Gororo Ice
48 Corey Ice
50 Chloe Wind
61 Pascal Avaf Earth
62 Matamune None
Object Type
15 Korogashi None
20 Ungaikyo Earth
35 Calavera Dolls None
39 Cavalry Statue None
40 Golem None
55 Blocks Earth
Oni Type
10 Oni Dark
20 Medium Oni Dark
21 Shikigami None
30 Big Oni Dark
45 Goryoushin Dark
48 Imari Water
49 Shigaraki Wind
50 Sword Armor Boy None
51 Tengu Fire
55 Great Oni Dark
60 Fore Fiend Fire
61 Rear Fiend Ice
Phantom Type
15 Earthbound Spirit Earth
21 ChimiChimi Moryo None
36 Sagojou Water
38 Chohakkai Fire
40 Chuckie the Kid Wind
44 Ginkaku Dark
45 Kinkaku Dark
Undead Type
12 Skeleton Dark
21 Frankensteiny Dark
25 Spirit Hunter Dark
33 Torture Twin #1 None
23 Torture Twin #2 None
35 Joto no. 5 None
36 Joto no. 4 None
37 Joto no. 3 None
38 Joto no. 2 None
40 Yugai Wind
41 Joto no. 1 None
42 Grande Phantasma Earth
45 Lee Pai-Long Wind

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