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Shaman King Master of Spirits 2 video game cover

Shaman King: Master of Spirits 2

Shaman King: Master of Spirits 2 is the sequel to the Game Boy Advance game Shaman King: Master of Spirits that had been released in 2002. Konami decided to make a sequel to this game, released on August 2, 2005, supposedly only for the United States and Europe.


Shaman King: Master of Spirits 2 is an Action Role-Playing game, developed and published by Konami, which was released in 2005.


"The Grand Shaman Committee

has just issued an official statement

"The King of Spirits has grown strangely quiet. Without knowing his will, we cannot proceed with the Shaman Tournament."

Committee Leader Goldva has summoned the Grand Shaman Council to gather information and discover the reason behind the King of Spirits' sudden silence.

But until further notice, the Shaman Tournament is suspended.

"Please take this time to take advantage of Dobie Village's many fine shops and boutiques!"

-The Dobie Tribe

The story is that Zeke is having a soul hunt, and Yoh must stop him with the help of his friends and their spirits.



Yoh Asakura- The only playable Character in this game


  • Dobie Division - (Dobie Village)[1]
  • False Factory - (Mechanism Factory)[2]
  • Forgotten Lands - (Desert)[3]
  • The Bablands - (Babylon)[4]
  • The Swamps - Silence of underwater)[5]
  • Show Haven - to iceberg)[6]
  • College Campus - (Caldera)[7]
  • Forbidden Forest - (Holy Woods)[8]
  • Star Sanctuary - (the King of Spirits)[9]

Spirits ListEdit

01 Amidamaru

02 Tokageroh

03 Kororo

04 Mic

05 Lee-Pyron

06 Chloe

07 Eliza

08 Bason

09 Grand Tao Dragon

10 Triglav

11 Magnescope

12 Pascal Avaf

13 Blocks

14 Mama

15 Zenki

16 Kohki

17 Michael

18 Kanta

19 Gussy Kenji

20 Ponchi

21 Konchi

22 Shaolin

23 Tao the Great

24 Gororo

25 Golem

26 Orona

27 Yamagami

28 Mash

29 Blaumro

30 Footballer

31 Shion-Shion

32 Ashcroft

33 Jack

34 Chuck

35 Carlos&Joao

36 Shikigami

37 Chimi-Moryo

38 Antonio

39 Jose

40 Pancho

41 Zapata

42 Miguel

43 Great Ogre

44 Skelesaur

45 Gledhill

46 Spirit of All

47 Skunk

48 Kamaitachi

49 Korogashi

50 Enra-Enra

51 Oni Fire Tama

52 Jangalian

53 Cifer

54 Matamune

55 Ian

56 Nizba

57 Dreisa

58 Yophia

59 Frankensteiny

60 Silberhorn

61 Silberschild

62 Silberstab

63 Silberflügel

64 Silberschwanz

65 Mosuke

66 Black Raven

67 Badbh

68 Vodianoi

69 Deht the Wikinger

70 Raphael

71 Gabriel

72 Uriel

73 Metatoron

74 Sariel

75 Remiel

76 Tamegoroh

77 Gundari

78 Jen

79 Spirit of Fire


  • There are all the bosses of the first part of the master of spirits series. It´s like a updated version of the first game.


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