Super Guts
The Nature of Nature



Mera Konjō

Japan Air Date

January 23, 2002

English Air Date

January 4, 2005



Opening Song

Over Soul

Ending Song

Trust You

Episode Guide
Lyserg's Revenge
The Stolen Oracle Bell

Super Guts is the 29th episode of Shaman King the anime series.


First, a flashback is seen in where Mikihisa is talking with Yohmei about Ryu. Then, Manta is seen talking with Tamao about how Ryu became a Shaman. Meanwhile, Yoh and the others are traveling towards Patch Village through the snow. As Lyserg wants to try drowsing again, Amidamaru and Bason appear and state that it's not necessary. As Yoh and the others look to the mountain there traveling towards, they see many Shamans walking there as well, so they decide that they are heading the right way. Yoh and the others then bump into the Lily Five, who are frozen because of the cold. Later on, Yoh and the others free them from the snow and take a rest together in a cave. As they are talking about maybe traveling together, Lyserg runs outside because he has sensed someone. As everybody goes outside, they bump into Hao and his followers. As Hao states that Yoh needs to become stronger before walking away, Lyserg attacks him but Hao is able to block the attack. Hao then leaves the scene. Then, SharonaSally and Ellie from the Lily Five go after Hao while asking if they can join him. 

however As Yoh and the others go back inside the cave, Lyserg is depressed because he realized that at this moment, there is no way that he can beat Hao. To make Lyserg feel better, Ryu tells him about how he decided to become a Shaman like Yoh. Then a flashback starts is seen in where Mikihisa convinces Yohmei that he must train Ryu. Ryu then tells that many things can be accomplished by believing in it. In the flashback, Tokageroh becomes Ryu's main spirit and Ryu then reaches his goal of becoming a Shaman. As Ryu then states that he will fight even though his opponent is strong, back to the present Yoh tells everybody that the blizzard has stopped so they can move forward again. As they prepare to move on, Lilly stops them and Millie wonders what she sees. Lilly then shows them that Hao is planning to melt the river so everyone will be caught by the flood. Hao is then seen using his Spirit of Fire to melt the frozen water. As Yoh is able to hold back the flood with Amidamaru's big Over Soul, Ryu tells Yoh to step aside. As Yoh states that he is counting on Ryu, Ryu is able to hold the water back. Then, Horohoro and Ren show up to freeze the water again and then later cut the ice into pieces. As all the Shamans that where caught by the flood fall down, Lyserg is able to use his Oversoul to create a net to catch the other Shamans. As everybody is relieved, Hao is seen smiling because he has seen Yoh making progress. 

Later on, Yohmei is seen calling Anna about something concerning Hao.

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