Japanese Name: それ
English Name: Devil Clown
Evil Clown [1]
Ace of Spades
Meaning: n/a
First Appearance: Chapter (Manga)
Episode 28(Anime)
Type: Human Class
Reiryoku Level:
Shaman: Green Garam

THAT (それ, Sore) is the guardian ghost of Green Garam


THAT, when it was alive, was a great criminal that he was acting like a clown for making the others believe that he is not very dangerous. Nowadays, THAT is a guardian spirit of Green Garam.

Oversouls and AttacksEdit

O.S. ThatEdit


  • Shaman: Green Garam
  • O.S. Type: Spirit Type
  • Spirit Ally: THAT
  • Medium Used: playing Cards and Magical Staff


  • Card Trick: THAT creates an invisible wall of cards that surrounds the user. This is only used in the anime. This is first used against Lyserg in order to trick him into attacking them so they can seal Morphine inside her cage.
  • Card Throw: THAT throws playing cards at its opponent like shurikens. This was only used in the anime. First used against Tao Ren.

Anime/Manga DifferenceEdit

In the anime, THAT is called Devil Clown and its appearance is a bit different. Green Garam used this to attack Lyserg.


  • The name "THAT" is probably a nod to Stephen King's novel "it", a book novel about a supernatural, murderous clown.


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