Tao Ching
Tao Ching
Japanese Name: 道珍
Romanized Name: Dào Ching
English Name: Chin Tao
First Appearance: Chapter 76 (Manga)
Episode 7(Anime,sihouette)
Episode 24 (Anime)
Affiliations: Tao Family
Occupations: Shaman
Japanese VA: Hidekatsu Shibata
English VA:
Furyoku Level: 4,500
Guardian Ghost
Japanese Name: Kyuuki
English Name:
Type: Seirei Class

Tao Ching (道珍 Dào Ching) is a fictional character in the manga and anime series of Shaman King. He is the 42nd head and oldest living member of the Tao Family. He is the grandfather of Tao Ren and Tao Jun. His birthday is January 8, 1926.


Tao Ching appears as a short and yet stubby man. He is completely bald but still has a thin grey goatee. Ching is usually seen wearing a red Chinese Hanfu tied with a yellow sash and a purple zhaoshan on top. In his younger days. looked exactly like his grandchild Tao Ren,expect with the only difference being that he wore Chinese robes instead of casual cloth.


As a member of the Tao Family, Ching follows the family's strict doctrine. In his youth he appears to be rather sadistic at times as he claimed that he would rather hear the sound of a soldiers neck snap instead of a song and also believed that Jōtarō's ideals of friendship were rather idiotic.

As an adult he appears more calm and level-headed, though he would still threaten to kill even members of his own family if they go against his wishes. He acknowledges that the Tao Family is known as an evil one, but reasons that their actions were only to defend their beliefs in an ever changing world.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Like many other members of the Tao Family, Ching too is a talented Dàoshì, being able to control up to 999 Jiang Shi at the same time with ease.


See More: Kyuuki

His primary spirit is the ghost of a tiger he named Kyuuki because it looked the same as the evil god of legend. His main medium is a Chinese beretta with an image of Emperor Shun engraved on it.



Ching Jiang Shi

Young Ching with his Jiang Shi

As a young boy during World War II, Ching killed over 999 members of the Japanese Imperial Infantry and turned them all into Jiang Shi under his command. One of them was Private Shimamura Jōtarō, whom he met at Manchuria, whom he later killed. instead of hearing the song Jōtarō offered to play him.[2]

He was once the head of the Tao Family, until he resigned due to the unknown reasons and gave the position to his son-in-law, Tao Yúan.[3]

He would later go on to kill the famous martial artist and actor Lee Pyron and turn him into a Jiang Shi and gave him as a gift to his granddaughter Tao Jun. As the Shaman Fights grew even closer, he presented the Jiang Shi he later created from the Japanese Imperial Infantry to his grandson Tao Ren as a gift for his 9th birthday and soon he had him cut them all down[2]

Shaman Fights in TokyoEdit

Ching Ran

Ching and Ran stops Yúan

Even after Ren had defeated both of his father's Oversouls, Yúan claimed that he could still fight, forcing Ching and his daughter Ran to step in and interfere. Ching later reasoned that to his son-in-law that he had already lost the battle when he lost his path and even threatened to kill him if he continued any further soon. meanwhile Ren and Jun, surprised to see the two called them revealing their family relation to the shock of everyone else.

soon despite all of this, Ching still invited them to a banquet to celebrate that Ren had gotten so many friends. Still showing their distrust, even though Ran explains that they had prepared it from when they arrived, even for Ching began to explain their past history and reasoning their late actions.[1]

Shaman Fight Second RoundEdit

He later watches Ren's first match with Hao's Team Tsuchi-Gumi. meanwhile he, Tao Ran, and Tao Yúan meet Asakura Mikihisa and Asakura Keiko for a small talk about the young shamans and even Asakura Hao. He even knows about Asakura Hao and his strength and asked Mikihisa why he would train his grandson Tao Ren.

Invading the PlantsEdit

Anime/Manga DifferenceEdit



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