Tao Family
Tao Family
Japanese Name: 朝倉道
Romanized Name: Dào-shi
English Name: Tao Family
Leader: Tao Yúan
First Appearance: Chapter (Manga)
Episode 24(Anime)
Total Furyoku: n/a

The Tao Family (朝倉道, Dào-shi) is a fictional family in the Shaman King universe.


The Tao family, are an ancient Chinese family known for their shaman capabilities. As history went on, they become ostracized for their abilities and hunted down. As a result, the Tao family became bitter and lost their belief in the kindness of humanity. Ren and his sister, Jun, were raised with these beliefs in mind. Ren is the current heir to the family.

Yuan Tao

The Tao symbol tattooed onto the back of Tao Yúan

For many years have the family members been raised using the doctrine of Tao or Taoism. Tao(道, Pinyin: Dào, Cantonese: Dou) is a Chinese character often translated as ‘The way of nature'. The concept of Tao is based upon the understanding that the only constant in the Universe is change (see I Ching, the "Book of Changes") and that we must understand and be in harmony with this change. The change is a constant flow from non-being into being, potential into actual, yin into yang, female into male. The symbol of the Tao, called the Taijitu, is the yin yang confluently flowing into itself in a circle. To put it simple, Tao means the way and order of the Universe.

To the Tao family the way of Tao also means that one has a nature, a way of acting that is natural to them and that it should be followed at all times.

However, Yúan only saw one side of the world. Being forced to carry the ancestors' souls, he did not gain the wisdom that they were intended to give him. Instead he received their sadness. It is because of this that he lost all trust in humanity and shamans outside the family and, sadly, he ended up teaching his children the same thing.

The Tao family see the doctrine of Tao in a way where one should not doubt and, should one doubt, they would become weak. "Wu Bi Mu" meaning "I do not doubt", was uttered by Ren as he was finally able to go against his father, who claimed that he was doubting himself and had forgotten his Tao.

As the doctrine of Tao reflects upon the family's nature, they have also used the symbol as their family symbol, even tattooing it onto their backs, while Ren had his tattoo made forcefully.



Tao Family Home 1

The Tao Family’s Home in the frontier

It is explained by Tao Yúan, that they become ostracized for their abilities and hunted down. As a result, the Tao family became bitter and lost their belief in the kindness of humanity.

After being forced to live on the frontiers of China for many years, the Tao Family experienced a revival of sorts when Yúan, a member of the branch family, married Tao Ran, heir to the main branch, and became head of the family. He decided it was his responsibility to engrave the Tao Family’s name into history once more. At the same time, Yúan also saw it as his duty to carry the souls of the ancestors with him and therefore took on an armour of memory tablets that would later be used as a medium for his oversoul, Daidouho.

When his two children were born, he merely saw them as tools for the Tao Family to use to regain their lost honour. Because of this, he made his son Tao Ren undergo unusually harsh training to become Shaman King. He also taught Ren about the cruelty of humanity and that he shouldn't trust anyone outside the family. Tao Jun learned how to become a Dàoshì from her mother so that she could support Ren. Yúan believed that by making Ren Shaman King he would be able to restore the former glory of the Tao Family. However, besides giving Ren a strong body and shamanic abilities, the legacy that Yúan passed to Ren was one of hatred of everyone and everything, a conquer or die philosophy. Because of this, Ren never cared for his family and made it his goal to become Shaman King only so that he could kill every person in the world.

Family MembersEdit

e v Tao Family Members
Tao Ching
Dào Ching
Tao Ching Tao Ching is the oldest still living member of the Tao Family. During the Second World War he killed many soldiers of the Japanese Imperial Army in order to turn them into his loyal Jiang Shi.

His first appearance was made after Tao Yúan had been defeated twice by his son and he still tried to fight on. Threatening to kill him if he continued, Yúan finally stopped fighting his son and his friends.

Tao Yúan
Dào Yúan
Tao Yúan is the Father of Tao Ren and Tao Jun. He was once a member of the Tao branch family and considered nothing more but a talented Taoist.

When Tao Ran, the only heir to the main family, needed to find herself a husband. Although the trials were made to be tough in order to find a suited husband, Yúan defeated Ran with one hit and it was love at first sight.

He became her husband and the new head of the Tao Family. He was a ruthless ruler of the Tao Family who believed heavily in the doctrine of Tao. Due to his family's long history of being shunned he has lost all trust to people outside of his family. He branded the family symbol on his back and would continue to carry the spirits of his ancestors as an amour for his body.

Tao Yúan 3
Tao Ran
Dào Ran
Tao Ran Tao Ran is the wife of Tao Yúan and the mother of Tao Jun and Tao Ren. When she was younger she was the only heir to main family and had to find herself a husband. After telling of many suitors, Yúan would finally pass the trials, and it was love at first sight. She would eventually marry him, and gave birth to two children.

When she first appeared, alongside Ching, she calmly pleaded her husband to stop the fighting as he would not wish to be killed. Throughout the series she appears quite calm, and even laughed when she told about their family specialty being poisoning people.

Tao Jun
Dào Jun
Tao Jun is the first born child of Tao Ran and Tao Yúan. Already as a little child she was trained as a Doshi was given a Jiang Shi as a guardian ghost.

After her little brother, Tao Ren, was born she was raised to support him becoming Shaman King and is towards this day still heavily devoted to helping him.

Tao Jun
Tao Ren
Dào Lián
Tao Ren 3 Tao Ren is the second born child of Tao Ran and Tao Yúan. As a little child he was trained to become Shaman King and given the spirit of Bason, a chinese war general who served the Tao Family when he was alive.

He grew up to become a hatefilled person, however after facing Asakura Yoh in the Shaman Tournament he realizes that he must put his hate aside and becomes an entirely new person. He is currently the heir to the family, after his father. In Funbari no Uta, he is revealed to have had a son, Tao Men, with Iron Maiden Jeanne.

Tao Men
Dào Mǐn
Tao Men is the son of Tao Ren and Iron Maiden Jeanne. He is the second heir to the Tao Family, after his father. [[Image:|100px|]]

Abilities and PowersEdit

The Tao Family has lived for over 2000 years and have had a large amount of various abillities, including basic Shaman abilities to the abillities of a Daoshi that controlls dead bodies with paper talismen. It even seem they have Ikato skills amongst the family and lately Tao Jun have learned how to revive the dead, by training under Gandharas leader, Sati Saigan

Jiang ShiEdit

Even though they have a large variation of skills it would seem that their specialty lies within creating Jiang Shis(僵屍)

A Jiang Shi is a stitched together corpse reanimated by a Dàoshi priestess using a talisman to control it. Because the body is stitched up it can be improved in many ways by stitching together only strong body parts. A soul can also be placed inside the corpse to give it muscle memory of a fighting technique or other skills.

As explained by Jun, they are specialists in creating strong bodies to combine with strong souls, in order to create even stronger warriors. As later shown with Pyron they can also add mechanical parts to the body to increase power, in his case adding a piston to increase the power of his basic punch.[1] They also create Jiang Shi to use as servants, horses and other sorts of things useful in the house.



The Gohukuseitai

See More: Gohukuseitai

These are the elite Jiang Shi of the Tao Family. Their leader is Shamon, the master of Pyron, but as their leader he is known as Ichi-Johtoh. They were made with the corpses of humans who had mastered several fields. As Jiang Shi, their bodies are not only made of human bodies but also have animal parts and mechanical components that were added to their corpses. Tao Yúan trained them to be loyal to the Tao Family and it's justice and they soon became great supporters.[2]

Torture Brothers

See More: Torture Brothers




They were two brothers, a jail warden and an executioner, of the Qing dynasty. They know all the numerous torture methods in China's whole history. They're part of Tao's army of Jiang Shi now, and they're in the worst category.

Unlike most other Jiang Shi, they are composed of several corpses. They each have special arms in which numerous torture devices and weapons can be attached to.[2]

Shu and Kyo

See More: Shu and Kyo

These are the Jiang Shi that belong to Tao Ran, the mother of Jun and Ren. Shu was a military strategist in the northern region of Wu during the later Han Dynasty. Kyo was a general for the Northern Qi Dynasty during the period of Southern and Northern Dynasties. Both were very handsome in life and Ran used special techniques to increase their hotness even more as Jiang Shi. Tao Yúan was supposedly very jealous when he first saw his wife's spirits but Ran just thought it was cute.[2]

Anime/Manga DifferenceEdit

In the anime, after the defeat of Tao Yúan and there depature, the Tao family excluding Jun and Ren are not seen again, even though they in the manga follow Ren from the Patch Tribe in America to the Shaman Fight in Tokyo and cheers on him during his first fight. This also creates a plot hole in why Asakura Mikihisa wanted to train with Ren and it is instead explained by the fact that Yoh's and Ren's teams has an argument about who is stronger. Also in the English anime, instead of believing in the doctrine of Tao Yúan instead teaches Ren to "Destroy or be Destroyed". In the anime after defeating his father, the tattoo on Ren's back seems to dissappear. In the anime, Ren and Jun have a cousin named Ginny who was in the tournament with her younger siblings. Also, Yúan is referred to as the uncle to Jun and Ren instead of their father, whose death is the reason of Yúan's hatred towards humans.

Tao Ginny

See More: Tao Ginny

Tao Ginny Tao Ginny (Ginny Tao in the English anime) is a assassin of Tao Ren and Tao Jun. She is Tao Yúan's niece in the japanese anime and his daughter in the English version. Ginny only appears in the anime.

See More: Tao Soumei
See More: Tao Kyou



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