Team Mariachi
Team Mariachi
Japanese Name: マリアッチ
Romanized Name:
English Name: Team Music
Leader: Bourbon
First Appearance: Chapter 154(Manga)
Total Furyoku:

Team "Mariachi" were a group of three shaman that were entered in the shaman fight.



Shaman Fight Second RoundEdit

The team intially formed just before the conclusion of the first round. In the secound round Team "Mariachi" were paired against Team "Kabbalahers" in their first fight in this section of this tournament. However, only Asakura Mikihisa attacked during the battle but this eventually proved to be enough to defeat and eliminate the team. No matter how passionately they attacked Mikihisa with their over souls and techniquesthey were still unable to defeat him. Mikihisa even turned Imari & Shigaraki into a guitar and played a little in the middle of their fight.

After such a defeat, the team proceeded to quickly leave the island.





He is a Spanish mariachi, that learned to play the guitar and became a shaman thanks to his Mexican Uncle. He joined the Shaman Fight because his dream was to fill the world with his "wind of passion", and he eventually became leader of Team Mariachi. After he and his team where defeated by Mikihisa, Bourbon left the island swearing he would take revenge on that lazy man.

His guardian spirit is a wild horse called McEwen, with his guitar featuring a stuck horseshoe acting as a medium.




He is a French shaman, who is able to manipulate spirits with his trumpet. His father was born in Mexico, so he travelled there in order to discover his mariachi roots. When he arrived, a Mexican shaman saw his potential and trained him. As a member of Team "Mariachi" he is affected by the dangerously passionate melody Bourbon plays using his guitar.

His guardian spirit is Carse, a weasel that loves music. It looks like she died after a life and death fight against 15 field mice. Despite her fierce personality, she is still afraid of rodents.




He is a Swiss hip-hop emcee. When he was little he already had shamanic powers and he used to rhyme ghost whispers and sing them. He was attacked by other shaman during the first round, but Rameau and Bourbon saved him. Talking about music they became good friends and decided to create a shaman hip-hop/mariachi band. That's how Team "Mariachi" was formed.

His hobby is breeding tropical fishes, and his guardian ghost Triplepack is an Archerfish he bred some time ago. His over soul's medium is a water gun and he attacks with strong water currents.

Anime/Manga DifferenceEdit

Team Mariachi only appear in the manga.



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