Team "Niles"
Team Niles
Japanese Name: ナイルズ
Romanized Name: Nairuzu
English Name: Team "Egypt"
Leader: Anatel Pokki
First Appearance: Chapter 121 (Manga)
Episode 43 (Anime)
Total Furyoku: n/a

The "Niles"(ナイルズ, Nairuzu) were a group of three shamans that were entered in the shaman fight.


A team from Giza,Egypt, they use the power received from ancient times as part of their shamanic abilities. Placed against X-Laws team X-I, Lyserg was given the order to defeat and kill them at all costs. However, a combination of both his and Morphine's hesitation allowed leader Anatel to release a deadly oversoul that would kill him. With no other choice, Iron Maiden Jeanne released her full power, killing the leader with her spirit Shamash and the others members with other torture devices


Shaman Fight Second RoundEdit

The Nile's were paired against Team "X-I" of Lyserg Diethel, Marco Lasso, and Iron Maiden Jeanne in the second round. Lyserg starts quickly, destroys all of them Niles' mediums, and cripples Anatel in one foul swoop. Anatel manages to pull out the wings of death. Lyserg tries to fight but stops for an unknown reason. Jeanne is unlocked from the maiden and locks Anatel in an oversouled torture weapon then kills him. Jeanne then locks the last two Niles in oversouled chairs. She implores them to stop sinning. other The Niles are so hung up on their dead friend they don't know what she is talking about. Jeanne feels sorry for them and kills them in effect ending the Nile's for good.


Anatel Pokki: the Leader of the Niles, he wears a mask similar to King Tutankhamen in battle and commands one-thousand spirits as part of his OverSoul abilities.

Khafre Puljiz: A slender man wearing an Anubis mask in combat, he is boasted as the world's best mummy maker.

Nakht Pitrah: A heavy-set bald man who wears an Egyptian pyramid with an Egyptian eye in it for a mask. Stated to have access to unlimited furyoku.

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