Japanese Name: トララ
English Name: Torara
First Appearance: Chapter 299 (manga)
Type: Nature Spirit
Reiryoku Level: 280
Shaman: Usui Pirika

Torara (トララ) is a Marimo ghost and the guardian ghost of Usui Pirika.[1]


Torara is a Marimo, called "Torasanpe" in the Ainu language, which means "Lake Faries".

He is Pirika's guardian ghost, and has the ability to manipulate water. He has been Pirika's guardian ghost ever since he saved her from drowning in a lake when she was really young. However he is very shy, even more so than Kororo, and has a fear of strangers. This is why, although Pirika has the skills of a shaman, Torara has never made an appearance within the story.

Anime/Manga DifferenceEdit

Torara is only shown in chapter 299 of the manga series, when she sits on top of Gororo's head.



  1. Shaman King Manga - Kang Zeng Bang Volume 4 Extra

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