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    January 25, 2010 by Asakura Aviantei

    Aviantei- an Shamn King Fanfiction

    This is the story of the battle to become Shaman King. This is a story that will change things. This is the story of the one the elements call “Aviantei.” And with this, that story begins…

    Part 1: Of the Flames

    As the fires burned around him, Hao vaguely wondered what he was doing. He had no reason to be here, this fire was not his concern. He moved a shock of raven black hair away from his auburn eyes and continued to scan his surroundings.

    The flames were making it hard to decipher one form hidden in the flames from the next. When he saw a figure that held its shape, he headed towards it. Reaching it, he stopped. This hadn’t been what he was expecting.

    Lying at Hao’s feet was a young girl.

    Hao Asakura was you…

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