Usui Pirica
Japanese Name: 碓氷ピリカ
Romanized Name: Usui Pirica
English Name: Pilica
First Appearance: Chapter 38 (Manga) Episode 14 (Anime)
Affiliations: Ainu Tribe Team "The Ren"
Occupations: Shaman trainer
Japanese VA: Tomoko Kawakami
English VA: Rachael Lillis
Furyoku Level: 1,000
Guardian Ghost
Japanese Name: Torara
English Name: Torara
Type: Nature Spirit

Usui Pirica (碓氷ピリカ, Usui Pirica, Pilica in the English Anime and games) is a fictional character in the manga and anime series Shaman King. She is part of the Ainu Tribe and the younger sister of Usui Horokeu.


Pirica is a girl that is roughly the same size as her brother, despite being his younger sister. She has long light blue hair reaching just below her hips, wears a pink jacket, a head band with an Ainu symbol, and a black mini skirt with traditional Ainu markings and pink snow boots. Under the jacket she wears a tank top that is very low cut and when in street clothes she wears a low cut tank top, mini shorts, and sandals.


She is very emotional at most anything and is prone to breaking down at any second. She is very hard on her brother but is very good at what she does. For most of the Shaman Fights all she does is care for her brother.

Abilities and PowersEdit

She is the trainer of Horohoro and is very hard on him. She is also the one who sews all of Horohoro's clothing, making her quite crafty and is also able to make anything from cloth. She also masters all of the the local cuisines and is familiar with all of the traditional Ainu techniques and rituals. She is overall a genius girl.[1]


See More: Torara

She have the spirit Torara that can control water, but he is very shy and has a fear of strangers.



Pirica is an Ainu from Hokkaidō, a prefecture in Japan, who was born on February 9, 1987. Her main goal like her brother is to save the Koro Pokurru (Minutians in the English anime), a tiny spirit people. As part of this goal, her brother intends to plant a vast field of Butterbur. She was raised with the believe that the strongest prey on the weakest. When Horohoro grew up a little he was trained by his father but later left home to pursue his dream because his father will no longer take care of him. Pirica later followed Horohoro to Tokyo.

Shaman Fight First RoundEdit

After Horohoro is defeat by Asakura Yoh in the first round she showed up at Yoh's celebration party, surprised and netted her brother and dragged him away to train. She next watched her brother win the two matches he needed to get to next round of the fight.

She then showed up at the opening ceremony with Horohoro explaining things to her brother and watched Yoh and Tao Ren tie at the final match. She and Horohoro later went to Yoh's and celebrated that her brother's second round entrance.

When Ren was captured by his dad Horohoro went to China while Pirica stayed at In for the next month or so. She and Horohoro left Yoh's house and got a hotel room, where she would eventually give him a new medium for his Over Soul.

Shaman Fight Second RoundEdit

When the next part of the tournament started she went to the stadium and cheered on her brother. She later began to fear for her brother and called her father to the island. But as Usui Lycan would later tell Kalim he only came because Pirica pleaded for him to come and he left promptly afterwards.

Invading the PlantsEdit

When her brother and the remaining teams of the Shaman Fights was taken to the Contiment of Mu by the Patch Tribe Pirica stays behind on the beach together with her father, the Asakura Family and the Tao Family having a barbecue. When her father catches a large Tuna he is complimented by Pirica whom he tells that, today they will broil it.[2] She was last seen sitting together with her father on the beach preparing the fish and hearing Anna reading the Furyoku levels of her brother and his friends.[3]

She later appeared on board the Soul Train together with her father, Gororo and even Apollo, to the shock of her brother, calling out to Horohoro.

Funbari no UtaEdit

During the last chapter, she is not seen but mentioned going out with a guy, leaving her brother to do all the work at the farm.[4]

Anime/Manga DifferenceEdit

In the English anime, she, like her brother, is described as from "the Northern Woods" instead of from Hokkaidō.



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