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Japanese Name: X・法律
Romanized Name: X-houritsu
English Name: X-Laws
Leader: Iron Maiden Jeanne
First Appearance: Chapter 104 (Manga)
Episode 25 (Anime)
Total Furyoku: 565,400

The X-Laws(X・法律, X-LAWS) are a paramilitary organization found in Shaman King, founded by Luchist Lasso, their purpose is to eradicate all evil and suffering.


The X-Laws are currently led by the Iron Maiden Jeanne, whose ideals and strength instill an almost-religious sense of reverence into them. However, their "de facto" leader is Jeanne's second-in-command, Marco. The X-Laws obey him without question and his authority to act is overruled only by Jeanne herself.

In the manga, the members are grouped into units of three, which are also fully functional combat squads. In the Shaman Fight, the X-Laws have fielded three such teams in the Shaman Fight. Of the three, X-I is the most successful, advancing to the semi-finals before dropping out.

The division of the X-Laws into teams exists only in the manga. In the anime, the X-Laws work as a collective group rather than splitting up into distinct teams of three. Regardless, both incarnations are equally united in their loyalty to Jeanne and hatred of Hao.


The X-Laws aim to eradicate all human evil and suffering through any means necessary, and view Hao as the embodiment of this evil. Therefore, their ultimate goal is to kill him, a cause to which they are fanatically devoted to. As a result, the X-Laws often tend to use extreme methods to achieve their goals, even sacrificing their lives to do so, reasoning that the ends justify their means. Many X-Law members are ex-military personnel, and as such are highly trained and disciplined. Furthermore, almost all have suffered some loss at the hands of Hao, and as such are fanatically opposed to him. As a paramilitary organization, the X-Laws also keep a large storehouse of weapons and equipment, which they see as essential for the inevitable (as they believe) upcoming war that they will wage with Hao.


Team "X-I"Edit

X-I e v
Iron Maiden Jeanne
Aian Meiden Jannu
The leader of the X-Laws, Iron Maiden Jeanne, she is a young girl, who spends most of her time in an Iron Maiden, to constantly increase her Furyoku level. Iron Maiden Jeanne
Marco Lasso
Maruko Rasso
The defacto leader of the group, Marco Lasso, whose authority is overruled only by Jeanne herself. He helped found the X-Laws with the shaman Luchist Lasso, who would later fall under the influence of Asakura Hao. Marco was born November 17, 1973. He is the holder Archangel Michael(アークエンジェル・マイケル) the "Angel-Engine 001", who wield the holy sword of justice.

Marco is extremely loyal to Jeanne, and will stop at nothing to achieve what he believes will bring about Jeanne's ideals of a world free of corruption and evil. Like Jeanne, he tends to see issues in black and white; either something is good or evil. Those who join the X-Laws are considered good and those who do not are automatically evil and with Asakura Hao.

Shaman King Marco
Lyserg Diethel
Rizerugu Daizeru
The newest member of the group, Lyserg Diethel, is the Shaman of Morphine who would join the X-Laws after witnesing their way of dealing with the defeated Boris Tepes Dracula

During the second round of the Shaman Fights, Marco began questioning where Lyserg loyalty lay and decided to give him his own angel, the Archangel Zelel(アークエンジェル・ゼルエル) who was chained up in the X-Laws weapons storage, and held within a small Deringer, called "Sword No-008".

X-Laws Lyserg 1

Team "X-II"Edit

e v X-II
John Denbat
Jon Denbatto
John Denbat A former member of the SAS, John Denbat is a part of Team "X-II". His angel is that of Archangel Raphael(アークエンジェル・ラファエル)

After Luchist's attack on their cargo ship and the revelation that Jeanne was nothing more but an extremely strong shaman, Team X-II's attempts to kill Hao but fails. John curses Hao for killing his comrades when he realizes that Porf and Larch are dead.

Hao questions why Denbat chooses to stand against him instead of stopping if Denbat was aware that he, Porf and Larch would likely die in the process. Denbat, aware of the possible consequences, had prepared a test satellite in space wired to his Archangel with a laser known as XDI. Denbat fires the laser from Orbit at Hao.

Kneeling in the midst of the wrecked former military base, John begins to wonder why he is not dead. It is then that Hao sudddenly appears and praises his attack, saying that not even a thousand mirrors could have reflected that laser attack. He however reveals that all of them saw something forbidden and burns John's entire body and soul with his Amour Over Soul.

Porf Griffith
Pōfu Gurifisu
[[Image:|200px|]] Porf Griffith is a former Delta Force member and a sniper. He uses "Sword No-003" a sniper rifle as a medium for his angel, Archangel Sariel(アークエンジェル・サリエル). In the manga, he is killed by Hao after being distracted by Hao's crying.
Larch Dirac
Rāki Dirakku
[[Image:|200px|]] Larch Diarc is a former Delta Force member. He uses Sword No-005, a bazooka as a medium for his angel, Archangel Uriel(アークエンジェル・ウリエル) In the manga, he hears through a radio transmission of Porf being killed by Hao. He attempts to run, but is killed by Hao.

Team "X-III"Edit

X-III e v
Chris Venstar
Kurisu Bunsutā
A soldier who served in the Gulf War, Chris Venstar is the leader of Team "X-III". He wields "Sword No-006" a small launcher, as a medium for his angel, Archangel Metatron(アークエンジェル・メタトロン). In the manga, he is impaled by the Spirit of Fire after Cebin and Meene are killed.

After the Shaman Fight announcer tells Venstar that the shield being used in the tournament is the strongest in the world, Buestar reveals his weapon, Grenade X, and detonates it in an attempt to destroy Hao by sacrificing his own life in the process and assured that Jeanne would not be injured in the process. Grenade X consumes all the oxygen in the ring at once, possibly being a Napalm Grenade, but does not destroy Hao or the Spirit of Fire as Hao used his Onmyōdō to temporarily change the Spirit of Fire into water.

Chris Venstar
Cebin Mendel
ケビン メンデル
Kebin Menderu
Cebin Mendel was once member of the Cobra Unit who sought revenge on Asakura Hao. He wields "Sword No-007" as a medium for his angel, Archangel Remiel(アークエンジェル・レミエル). He wears a mask to cover his disfigured face, caused by Hao burning it with the Spirit of Fire ten years prior to the Shaman Fight.

He is killed shortly after Meene, by being crushed by his Archangel and burned by the Spirit of Fire. His spirit, alongside Chris' and Meene's, were then eaten by the Spirit of Fire. His hobby was singing in a chorus and his favourite food was Sachertorte.

Cebin Mendel 1
Meene Montgomery
Miine Mongomeri
Meene Montgomery is a former member of the Canadian Special Forces and the only female member of the group, other then Iron Maiden Jeanne. She wields "Sword No-004", a small Luger, as a medium for her angel, Archangel Gabriel(アークエンジェル・ガブリエル) Meene


e v Fallen Angels
Luchist Lasso
X-Law Luchist The founder of the X-Laws, Luchist Lasso was the one who raised Marco Lasso and togehther they found the orphaned Jeanne. He uses Sword No-000, which signifies that his Fallen Angel Lucifer(堕天使・ルシファー, Lucifel) was created before the other angels and is the most powerful.
Hans Reiheit
[[Image:|200px|]] The most dangerous member of the group, Hans Reiheit, because of his spirit, the Fallen Angel Azazel(堕天使・アザゼル). Azazel has a reiyouku level of 470,000, which is higher than the Spirit of Fire's reiyoku level of 300,000. The reason he is not able to defeat Hao is because, although his angel is more powerful than the Spirit of Fire, Reiheit only had enough furyoku to Oversoul him for three seconds. Asakura Hao, by contrast, has enough furyoku to form the Spirit of Fire four times.

Abilities and PowersEdit

See More: Archangels

As one of the three leading factions in the Shaman Tournament, all the members of the X-Laws wield considerable power. In general, their members use firearms as mediums to summon their spirits, which are pseudo-mechanical angelic entities called Archangels. Archangels are Seirei class spirits with the ability to shatter other spirits, and are named after angels in the Judeo Christian religion.

See More: Fallen Angels

The Spirits of the two former members, Luchist and Reiheit are far more powerful than the others and are known as Fallen Angels

See More: Cargo Ship X

The X-Laws have their very own Cargo-Ship that they brought with them to the island were the second round of the Shaman Fights were held. It is equipped with bedrooms for all of their members and have a large weapon storage were they also keep their spare Archangels, such as Zelel and Azazel.

Anime/Manga DifferenceEdit

Gate of BabylonEdit

The events concerning the Gate of Babylon occur in the anime only.

The ultimate purpose of the X-Laws is the opening of the Gate of Babylon, which is supposedly able to seal away Asakura Hao. Midway through the series, the Gate of Babylon was introduced to the protagonists, who were puzzled yet shocked by its meaning.

When the gate is finally opened, anything and everything within a sizable radius is completely pulled in by the Gate, which is actually a gigantic door. Once through, the trapped will be forced to wander the bizarre environment for eternity. At first, the entire X-Laws, Jeanne herself, and the protagonists were pulled in by the door and was trapped. However, Hao simply breaks out of the powerful prison as if it were wet tissue paper. The prison then proceeds to crumble as Hao breaks out, releasing all the trapped occupants. Hao then let the Spirit of Fire devour Shamash, rendering Jeanne powerless.[1]


  • In the Japanese anime they have their own theme music is called Messenger of Justice(正義の使者,Seigi no shisha).[2]
  • The Roman Number "X" in their name is Roman numerology and refers to the ten commandments of god.
  • A running gag in the manga is that the members will often do an X sign with their bodies and yelling out: "X!" while being talked about, or having strong emotions.


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  2. Shaman King - Melody Of Spirits OST #17

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