Yvs in Great Spirit
Japanese Name: ヤービス
Romanized Name: Yābisu
English Name: YVS
First Appearance: Yahabe (one shot/OVA)
Flowers Chapter 7 (Manga)
Affiliations: G8
Team YVS
Occupations: Shaman King (former)
G8 Representative of Team YVS
Epithet: n/a
Japanese VA: Ryōsuke Kanemoto
English VA: n/a
Furyoku Level: n/a

YVS (ヤービス, Yābisu) (フラ・ヤービス, Fura Yabisu) is a fictional character in the manga series Shaman King Flowers. He is the seventh Shaman King.



YVS' spirit form.

In his compact spirit form, YVS takes on the form of a golden pyramid with two arms, two legs, and a single, green eye. [1] His true form consists of a hunch-backed humanoid with a white cloak and a horned mask. He appears to wield a scepter with a pyramid resembling his other form at the top.


As he is the immediate predecessor to Hao, he is said to hate him the most out of all of the G8.[2] He believes that the world he has created is already a utopia and is determined to maintain the status quo at any cost. He quite vehemently despises those who are of middle or low class, claiming to Yosuke he despises "mixing up with the plebs".

In the Yahabe oneshot, he views money as a food source and is always hungry, cruelly demanding that Yosuke should pay him before he commits suicide, saying he wouldn't need money anyways. He reveals to Yosuke that he was a "God-Class Robot" created by a secret society, and broke away from them no longer wanting to their pawn.

Abilities and PowersEdit

  • YVS Cards
See More: YVS Cards
Yosuke cards

YVS' cards

Most of his abilities are known, however his main powers seem to be manifested in the form of his YVS Cards, various cards that have a large variety of super natural powers.



500 years ago, YVS had participated and ultimately won the Shaman Fight and was crowned the Shaman King. Sometime after becoming the Shaman King, he was responsible for creating the capitalist society that exists during the present time.[2]. Around this time he also encounter Hao [3]

Invading the PlantsEdit

YVS physical skull still exist within in . Hao encounter it when he enter the King's Sanctuary, commenting that it's been 500 years since he last saw him [3]


Yahabe Yosuke

Yosuke meets Yahabe for the first time.

He claims to be a God-Class Robot created by a secret society to control the world; referring to himself as a brand new control system they made, but not wanting to be their pawn he escaped, wishing for freedom. After Kamogawa Yosuke had considered throwing himself off of the Sky Tower, YVS (known as Yahabe at the time) arrives and demands Yosuke to give him money, stating it is like a food source for him and since he'd be dead soon anyways he wouldn't need it. Being annoyed at Yosukes lack of a response, he threatens him, until Yosuke reveals he only has 500 yen.

Time Warp

Yahabe gives Yosuke his Time Warp card.

Yahabe laments that he is poor, but it didn't matter much as he was starving anyways, offering him his Time Warp card. He formally introduces himself, and instructs Yosuke to put the 500 yen coin into a slot in the back of his head. After Yosuke jumps off of the tower and the cards power takes effect, Yahabe appears in Yosukes room earlier that day, startling Yosuke. Becoming annoyed at having to repeat himself about his origins to Yosuke, he relaxes as he acknowledges he is grateful to Yosuke for ending his hunger, even if only for a measly 500 yen. He asks Yosuke about what he thinks about his cards power, before explaining the powers and details around his cards. He tells Yosuke to check his pockets as he returned his 500 yen, noting it was only fair as he had turned back time. He shows Yosuke his X-Ray 125 card and Yosuke decides to use it to help him win the tournament.


Yahabe uses his Obelisk card to defeat their pursuers.

Later, as Yosuke had arrived to participate in the God-Hand Q Tournament, Yahabe laughs at how humans are so easily controlled by money, revealing it was a plot of the secret society to control everything, and noting that he did not want to be their tool so he fled for his on freedom. As Yosuke was battling his second opponent, Yahabe borrows back his card and panics as he notices that they had found him, before taking off with Yosuke in a hurry. As Yosuke stopped to confront them, Yahabe gives him his strongest card, Obelisk to push back and defeat the large force made up of tanks, helicopters, and armed soldiers. later back in Yosuke's room, Yahabe mentions that that particular card was worth 100,000,000 dollars, noting that it would be okay if he took his time to pay it back, proclaiming they would be great partners.

Yosuke Patch

Yosuke and YVS destroy the Patch Village.

Sometime later, YVS and Yosuke were seen destroying the Patch Village with one of his cards, as well as encountering Hana and Alumi for the first time.


YVS first appears together with Kamogawa Yosuke observing the fight between Amidamaru and Oboro Daikyoh[4]. Yosuke praises Amidamaru's abilities though YVS calls him a "worthless scum". When they later learn that they are going to a mall, YVS refuses to go himself as he does not like crowds. After Yosuke acknowledges what YVS had done for him, he promises to participate in the Flower of Maize on his behalf and eliminate any strong rivals in Japan, before it begins.[5]

He is later seen with Yosuke in the Asura realm as the latter teams up with the spirits of the American Navy from WWII to prevent Hana from coming back to life.

As Hao and Yoh's duplicate discuss recent events and Hao's determination to win the Flower of Maize and change the world, YVS suddenly appears and states his determination to defend his work at all costs.

Anime/Manga DifferenceEdit

YVS originally debuted in Takei's Yahabe, which was both a manga one shot and an anime OVA.


  • YVS originally debuted in Takeis oneshot manga/anime OVA Yahabe in which he was originally known under the titular name Yahabe, and his origin was seemingly changed in Flowers; originally being referred to as a robot created by a secret society to control the world.[6]


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