YVS Cards
Yosuke cards
Japanese Name:
Romanized Name:
English Name:
Meaning: n/a
First Appearance: Yahabe (one-shot/OVA)
Flowers Chapter 8 (Manga)
Type: Playing Cards
Wielder: YVS
Kamogawa Yosuke

The YVS Cards are special cards created by YVS and used by Kamogawa Yosuke that possess a variety of various powerful effects.


The YVS cards utilized by Yosuke are purchased from Yabisu, with costs ranging from ¥500 to several trillions. In addition, the cards are finite in use as Yosuke can only use each card once, though he can combine their various effects. However, he can purchase as many as he likes, so long as he can pay for them. The cost of the cards is little concern to Yosuke, who confidently asserts that he can use the cards themselves to win more money.


  • YVS Mini - Costs 100,000,000 points.[1]
  • Erase the Memory.[1]
  • Copy 180 - When used, the card has a validity of 180 seconds and can create a perfect copy of a target only once. However, the cost of the card is high and may be difficult to control.[2]
  • Read the Mind 10 - Allows the user to read his target's mind.[2]
  • Materialization 180 - A Golden Card that costs 200,000 furyoku points, which allows Yosuke to use only one technique before the effect of the card dissipates.[2]
  • Mimic 1 - Combined with Materialization 180, can be used to mimic a technique.[2]
  • View the Soul - Costs 10,000,000 points, allows the user to see spirits.[2]
  • Time Warp - Allows the user to jump ahead or back 12 hours in time. Costs 500 yen.[3]
  • X-Ray 125 - With a usage duration of 12 seconds, it allows the user to see through any kind of material at will. It can be used as many times as the user wants within the time limit, but the effect with disappear immediately when time is up.[3]
  • Obelisk - With a physical power level 99, YVS is placed on the user's arm and a large obelisk pillar extends from YVS' body, extending forward, becoming an incredible length and size. Referred to by YVS as his most powerful card. Costs $100,000,000.[2]
  • Time Stop 30 - For 30 seconds, time stops for everything except YVS and the card's user. However, the side effect means that the user ages faster than other people.[4]

Anime/Manga DifferenceEdit

The YVS Cards debuted in the Yahabe one-shot/OVA, and return in Shaman King Flowers.



A "YHVH" card.

  • They are initially known as "YHVH Cards" in Yahabe.


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