Yahabe oneshot
Author: Hiroyuki Takei
Publisher: n/a
Number of Chapters: 1
Years: 2012
Magazine: Flag of JapanJump SQ
English Magazine: n/a

Yahabe is a a one shot manga and anime OVA released by Hiroyuki Takei.


The oneshot tells the story about a young boy named Kamogawa Yosuke who meets a mysterious creature, known as Yahabe.


Yahabe OVA manga

A comparison of the manga one-shot, and the anime OVA.

In addition to the one-shot manga chapter, a special CGI OVA was released as well, containing the same story.


  • Even though it was originally only envisioned as a one-shot, Yahabe ties in to a later work of Takei's, Shaman King Flowers with the main characters from Yahabe appearing as major villains. However, Yahabe's name is changed to YVS/Yabisu, and his origins are seemingly changed as well.


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