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Japanese Name:
English Name: Zeobide
First Appearance: Shaman King:Power of Spirit
Type: Unknown
Reiryoku Level: n/a
Shaman: n/a

Zeobide is an evil spirit from another dimension that has terrifying powers.


He is the boss in the videogame: Shaman King Power of spirit.


Abilities and PowersEdit


In order to control its powers, a shaman with a vast amount of Furyoku must be present to do so. Seeing that there was none, he made a contract with Vineuvail that he will obey his orders as long as he had someone to keep his powers under control. Soon he made shamans with genetic manipulation, making many test subjects, including Meril Inugami.Out of thousands of test subject,Meril was the only one to handle all that power,to which Vineuvail sent his troop to get her back. They used her to break his seal and used her as his core, making it so, that if Zeobide takes damage, so will Meril. But with the info from Zaua, who told them to use the Spear of Gaius, Yoh destroyed Zeobide and freed Meril unharmed.

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